set me up in flames

set me up in flames
watch me burn as the night turns gray

you betrayed me anyway
our friendship was lost.

you set my heart in flames
finish the deed

all that we had.
g o n e

your betrayal was a rising fire
the fuel was your words

stinging, burning in my heart
like wood cutting into my soul

i thought you were better than this
i knew you are better than this

but light the fire, watch me burn
as the sun returns in the sky

and my heart, and our friendship
lay broken on the remains of the forest


Thanks for reading,

this was inspired by a recent fight with my friend, i thought you were better than this M


  1. Such a good poem! (Applauds loudly) I hope that you and your friend make up, and solve your problems. I hate fighting with friends. :( Keep up the good writing, though! :)

    1. Noor, I want to say exactly what Sophia said! But, I'm to lazy to copy and paste. Soooooo, yeah!

  2. I know how you feel. I'm so sorry this happened.

    I'll be praying for you. <3

  3. What this poem is about is sad, but, in any case, your words are lovely. <3

  4. Ooh, I do so like this poem. It feels sad and angry at the same time? I'm sorry about your friend. D:
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  5. I'm so sorry this happened. I hope that one day you and your friend will be reconciled. But this is quite a lovely poem. Do not stop writing poetry!

    Also, thanks for visiting Ink, Inc. :)

    Emily xx

  6. The heartache of losing a friend is difficult to deal with, but channelling it into your poetry has resulted in something beautiful. I'm sorry that you're going through this right now.

  7. Friends should be there no matter what happens, you're probably better without!

    Meme x

  8. Beautiful, Noor. Just beautiful.


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