thoughts at 3 am

maybe i should sleep
or not
writing a post at 3 am is fun
i should sleep
i wish i could like play songs in my brain, kind of like a brain music player. that would be cool
maybe i should finish my novel. nah
what even are my chemical romance lyrics
oh dear 10 percent ah well.
why can't I go to hogwarts this is a serious question am i a squib? do ppl in the uk go to hogwarts?
why aren't emojis like rainbow, that would be so cool i'd pay apple to do that. someone hire me
buzzfeed is actually kind of hilarious how do they come up with this.
i feel drunk. probably drunk on water. or cookies
someone somewhere is probably giving birth and that's a beautiful thing.
i could have a dance party but i'll wake up the whole house.
watching dan's old livestreams at 4 am = exactly what i want to do for the rest of my life
crap i have to get up at 8 am don't i
no one is going to enjoy this it's just a bunch of random sentences.
bees are actually really interesting insects
i think there was a car crash outside let me go check
maybe i should reveal my face. *looks in mirror* never mind
brb need to get more cookies
why do mosquitoes exist, what  is their purpose in life?
what is my purpose in life
i do not need an existential crisis at 5 am brain thanks though
how did people figure out how to do things like did they just fall and be like "hey guys i can lay down" or did they just accidentally lift up one foot and be like "look at what i can do"
i need more cookies again
i need to end this now

There you have my thoughts at 3 am because it is currently 6 am and I wanted to post something so yeah. enjoy.

Thanks for reading,

"published later that day at 6 pm because Noor forgot to publish it the night before :) :("


  1. This is actually really funny, I think this is a great post. I love how the label is just rambling.If this post was not meant to be funny, then please take no offense.

    1. It's sort of meant to be funny, but more random :P

  2. Hahaha! I really liked this!!!!!! You're sooooo good at bogging Noor! I love your blog!


    1. Oh BTW, happy belated New Years!!!


  3. These are your thoughts at three am.

    I have these thoughts all day.

    Super funny, Noor!

  4. You do totally sound drunk! No Offence.
    Rose :3

  5. AGH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Basically me. My train of thought left the tracks a loooong time ago. Most of the time it's off in la-la land, I think.

    - Ellie

    1. Same, I think it's exiting Narnia at this point. I should go get it back...

  6. This post doesn't make sense. Not to be mean, and no offense.

    1. It really isn't meant to make sense lol XD None taken of course!

  7. "i do not need an existential crisis at 5 am brain thanks though" <--- My life summed up in a nutshell. XD

    xoxo Morning

  8. Well this is awesome and made me crack up. You know I have always wondered why mosquitoes existed.


  9. "why can't I go to hogwarts this is a serious question am i a squib? do ppl in the uk go to hogwarts?" What I ask myself everyday :DD

    I enjoyed reading this a little too much XD

    This Blog Does Not Even Exist

  10. Did Noor change her url to : wonderkid22.blogspot.com
    Because when I entered that url, I came here

  11. Wow, very funny post, Noor!
    These kinds of thoughts pop up into my head all the time!
    -Jollygirl @ http://reflectionsofajollygirl.blogspot.com

  12. He he! Do people in the UK go to Hogwarts?


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