Winter Book-A-Thon

Hello everyone! Using my (not so) creative juices, I have come up with yet another bookish challenge for you! I call it: The Winter Book-A-Thon!

If some of you remember SBBC, which failed completely, this is similar. But it shouldn' completely..

What It Is

Basically, winter is the season of books because what's better than curling up with a book during the cold? Nothing, duh.

Every 2 weeks I'll challenge you with a new bookish challenge. They can be things like: A Book That Warms You Up. Or: A Book That Reminds You Of Winter. Sometimes these challenges can be placed with books that you've already read, or books that you can fit in with your TBR!

Everyone's probably going to read a different book. which makes this challenge unique and fun! And then, you can share your review of the book and maybe why you chose it for the challenge! Fun right?

Who can join? Everyone who likes to read.
Is there any book restrictions? Nope, just should fit the challenge for you.
How long do I have to finish a book? 2 weeks, but you can really pace yourself.
How do I sign up? Comment on this post and you're in! Wait for the first challenge :D
When do we start reading? At the end of this post, I'll announce the first challenge, so today!

OKAY THE FIRST CHALLENGE, we'll start out easy:

A book with a title that describes Winter to you. (only choose Winter by Marissa Meyer if you must)

Now let me know which book you'll be reading in the comments and get reading wintery book people! Go forth and read great things :D

I hope you guys find this fun, I certainly will :)

Thanks for reading,


  1. This is such a creative idea. I'll try and participate, though I do have a lot of exams coming up, so I'm going to super busy for the next week. Sigh. Anyway, this does sound great and I'll do my best to join in on the fun.

  2. This is an awesome idea! I'll probably/hopefully/trying to participate.

    1. do u go to mdq academy in 5th grade with an asiye in ur class?

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  4. I'll do it! Answer Whatever After: Cold as Ice.

    1. what happens if i was planning to read that too? Is it okay for 2 people to read the same book, Noor?


    2. it was passed 1:07, it was 4:07 when I wrote that comment tho..... I only came home from school at 3:30..... And, uh now it's 6:50, but your clock when I check the I'm not a robot box, it says 3:50.....

  5. This looks like fun!

    Although, I'm supposed to be reading The Scorch Trials and The Hunger Games right now. The former has nothing to do with winter, obviously. The latter. . . Yeah.

    But if a topic comes up later that I can squish my book into, I'll try. ;)

  6. i hope i can re-read book as the only one i can think of is 'what happened to goodbye' by sarah dessen. it's pretty good


  7. Marissa Meyer's Winter HERE I COME! ;)

  8. I'm doing the challenge! :D The book that reminds me of winter the most is probably Two Wolves by Tristan Banks so I better get reading!

    Rose :3

  9. I'm in! Wintersmith by Terry Pratchet is on my TBR list so I better start reading

  10. Ooo this sounds fun! I don't really know what I'll read yet, but there are no worries as to meeting the deadline. I'm a fast reader. :) So you can count me in Noor! :D
    ~ Suzy

  11. That is a very creative idea. I think this is very good! I will be participating and the book that reminds me of Winter is...
    Ok, I don't know what I'll be reading yet, but no worries. I'll find something. I'm in!

  12. The book that reminds me of Winter is Stone Fox. Although I have read it, I can read it again.


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