Impossible Year

There's no sunshine, this impossible year.
Only black days and sky gray, and clouds full of fear.

And storms full of sorrow, that won't disappear. 
Just typhoons and monsoons, this impossible year.

There's no good times, this impossible year.
Just a beach front of bad blood and a coast that's unclear.

All the guests at the party, they're so insincere.
They just intrude and exclude, this impossible year.

There's no you and me, this impossible year.
Only heartaches and heartbreak, and gin made of tears. 

There's never air to breath, there's never in betweens.
These nightmares always hang on past the dream.

Hello everyone! It was way too cold to take pictures outside today so here I am in my mom's study. Featuring: the door, some books, and Noor trying way too hard.

This outfit is really simple. It's all black, Uggs, and this really gorgeous, warm shawl that I got from Bangladesh. I probably wouldn't wear this to school but maybe for a friend visit. It's really comfortable and an upgrade to my normal all black.

I paired the song Impossible Year by Panic! At The Disco with this because I was just feeling that vibe you know? The lyrics of this are also so beautiful I just ahhh. 

I like some of these pictures, shooting inside was really fun because I could experiment. I even tried rolling on some chairs, well that was more for fun xD

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Have a lovely day <3

Thanks for reading,


  1. YAY! #FirstComment


  2. yes. yes. yes. {funny story: i'm listening to that song right now}

    cute shawl.


  3. I liked the outfit! When we gonna be able to see yo face? I think that since you already told us your name so it wouldn't make a difference if we saw your face. #Curiousfan/commenter

    1. Well, it's because we are muslims, you know there's a whole anti-muslim thing going on right now, so..... She can't really post her face online where ANYONE can see it. Of course, I want to see her face too, but we already saw most of it, anyway, so it doesn't really matter. The only part that we didn't see is the eyes. And, I really want to see her full face too, but what can you do? It's her choice.....


    2. Well Dani, I just don't want to show my face as I am very young still. But Sophia, the fact that I am a Muslim really doesn't change that factor as even if I didn't show my face I would still be attacked :) Muslims will be in danger for a long time and honestly, I'm not scared of that. Thank you for letting her know though!

    3. I am scared of that, actually though.

    4. You shouldn't be. It's online, if someone says something mean you can get up and walk away. If we live in fear, it's never going to get better.

    5. You realize that if donald trump gets president, he is going to kill or track all muslims, right?

      This is still sophia.

    6. Aha the chance of Donald Trump becoming President is so low, no ones going to vote for him. That's not something I'm worried about. And he can't do that without the right from Congress, etc. anyways, he has no right so he cannot simply just kill us all. He's the president, America is a democracy not a dictatorship. I thought we all learned that in school.

    7. I know but politicians feed people false information all the time :) We should all try to not believe them. Just try being logical perhaps before choosing to believe someone. I wish politicians could be more truthful! But thank you for your insight Sophia, this was a wonderful discussion

  4. I am loving that shawl! Such a fun piece to add to your outfits. :)

    Aliah | Indigo Ink

  5. I definitely have to check out Impossible Year!
    I love your outfit, especially the shawl!
    -Jollygirl @

  6. I really like this outfit, it looks really cosy :)

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

  7. Oh, I love your photos! That shawl is amazing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  8. cute photos+lovely writing peice= a lovely post


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