5 Blogging Tips

Hello everyone! Today I'd like to share 5 Main Blogging Tips that I've learned over the months. If you are new to blogging then these tips are good for you.

1. Don't post more than twice a day. Sometimes I check out new blogs and I see 4 or 5 posts all from the same day. What catches my eye even more is that the posts are 2 or 3 sentences. Here's the main tip: try to post once a day, and keep your post longer than 5 sentences so that people are actually interested. Also, if you post too much then people won't be able to catch up with all of your new posts. 

2. Make sure you promote your blog. There are kid blogging websites that will promote your blog like: Kids Blog Club or Blogs By Kids. Blogs By Kids will put you on her blog list or she might even feature you! Kids Blog Club will feature you or let you guest post. Speaking of guest posting, if you guest post for other blogs, people from that blog will come to your blog. That's what I did when I started blogging. If you want, you can guest post for me. 

3. Make connections with other bloggers. This might be related to the 2nd tip but its good to make blogger friends. When you have blogger friends, you can collab, guest post, and help each other. My blogger friends are: Amelia, Lexie, Maddie, and Delilah. 

4. Blog about what you like. Don't blog about something because others are blogging about it and you think it will help you get readers. Blog because you like it and you want to blog about that. Have fun while blogging!

5. Connect with readers. I try to reply to all of your comments. I like to hear what you guys have to say! Also, let your readers connect with you. Create challenges and let your readers give their opinions to you!
That is all of the tips I have for you guys! Comment below if you have any more tips. 

Thanks for reading,
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  1. Another tip I have:

    A blog is not some kind of work you have to do. Blog about what you know. If you blog about what others do, you won't understand the post. Blog about something you can understand, and remember that you shouldn't copy and paste from another website in your blog post. That is not the point of blogging!


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