It's finally here! CAS, CAMP AMAZING SPARKLE!!!

WOOT WOOT! Before we start camp activities tomorrow, we're going to have to get set up!

STEP 1- Find Your Cabin
If you've already made a cabin, skip this step and read the next one. Individual campers listen up: comment a number. First commenter would comment 1, second commenter 2, etc. This will help you sort into cabins. I'll explain why in a second.

1,2,3,4 - you are in Cabin Awesomeness
5,6,7,8- you are in Cabin Fabulous

STEP 2- Points
Have you found your cabins, great! The people in your cabin doesn't matter its how well they do. For each activity a camper does, they must comment on the post saying they did it and their cabin name. In each post I will give a "proof request". Let's say it was a sewing craft, for the "proof request" I might ask you to describe the fabric you used. If I believe your proof then your cabin gets a point. Another way to get points is by participating in all of the weekly camp activities by commenting on the posts. This gets you two points. The cabin that gets the most points is awarded a special prize at the end of camp to each of the campers. 

STEP 3- Gather Supplies
Every post I will say what you need but you should have basic supplies:
paper, glue, scissors, pens, pencils, markers/crayons, and paint. 

That's all for camp but I do have a quick 30 day!

DAY 7- Your 5 Favorite Songs

My five favorite songs are: Jar Of Hearts: Christina Perri, Let It Go: Idina Menzel, Where Have You Been: Rihanna, Still Into You: Paramore, and Dark Horse: Katy Perry.

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