30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 10

Day 10- The Best trip of Your Life

The best trip of my life..... that's got to be my 2013 Birthday Trip to San Diego. AWESOMENESS!!

So, March 2013, my mom and dad surprised me with a trip to San Diego for my birthday week. I was sooo happy, I thought about all the places we could go: Lego Land, Sea World, and the Zoo! 

But, there was a catch. My mom had a conference while we there. When I first heard this, I was fine. I thought: "Whatever, at least my birthday won't be ruined." WRONG, WRONG, AND WRONG!!!! My mom's conference was on my birthday and was 5 hours long! 5 HOURS!!! I freaked out. I had to sit there doing nothing for 5 HOURS and it was my birthday! AIII!!

The vacation turned out to be awesome though. The day before my birthday, the 21st, we went to Lego Land and it was awesome. The conference wasn't too bad. There was a lot of stuff to do. (Also a lot of free stuff to get) The next day we went to the zoo, which was super duper cool. (If you're still reading this, then you get 5 points for your cabin. Comment down below your cabin name and flower to get the points)

What was your favorite trip?

Thanks for reading,


  1. Dear Noor,

    I am truly sorry for what I did. Julia, LaceyStacey, Stacey, Ani, etc. were all, well, just me. I am so, SO sorry, Noor! I honestly don't know what got into me! Please forgive me.

    My sincere apologies,


  2. JUST KIDDING! It was Joke Day at my school (I mean, homeschool, since I'm home-schooled) Seriously, I was just kidding. Sorry to worry you about that. I was really just kidding. I should have given you a hint in my first comment on this.

    1. It's not nice to play jokes on people like that. Please don't do that again.

    2. That's a little mean, Cordelia.

  3. Coool! That sounds like an awesome trip! I love your blog, by the way! :D

  4. Said it once will say it again - what on earth is she talking about, please tell me I'm a curious person.

    1. KittyCat said that she is all those people and they are not actual individuals, but that's not true, because she said that it was a joke because it was Joke Day at her home-school (since she's home schooled), which, I think, is kinda like April Fool's Day.


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