30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 9

Hello everyone! Before we start I just want to say, I'm postponing camp until I finish school or until 30 Day is finished because it is so overwhelming to do it all. Thanks for understanding! 

Day 9- What's In Your Bag

I have a bag, and its not my backpack. It's a Ravenclaw hand-knitted bag and I love it. (I'm too lazy to give pictures, if you want pictures, let me know in the comments below. Hey that rhymed! I'll just edit and add pictures!)

1. Chapstick and a lip gloss. I have an EOS (a small round object, chapstick) and lip gloss which is Vanilla Coke-Cola 

2. A book. No girl can not have a book in her bag. I'm currently reading Kizzy Ann Stamps, review coming soon! 

3. A bunch of BFF necklaces. This is random, I just have them in there because...

4. 3 Pokemon cards. As I look in here I realize, when did I put these in here? I have a Black Kyurem EX, a Squirtle Full Art, and a Pokeball (boo). 

That's about it folks! Tell me what you want to do for Free Choice Friday and I'll do it later on today!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Hey there! I'm really new here, but I already LOVE it! I really like this 30 Day Blogging Challenge! :-D Could you do a tutorial for a memory board? Or you could do a cooking post. Maybe even a dessert! :-D Can't wait for Camp Amazing Sparkle to start up!


  2. I can't wait for the camp to start! It will be fun for my friends and me to do in the summer. You could post a tutorial for a sewing craft or something for Free Choice Friday.


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