Camp Amazing Sparkle Starts Tomorrow!!!

Hello everyone, tomorrow I am launching CAS, are you excited! I am going to be posting all of the campers in each cabin so look for your commenting name:

Cabin Awesomeness:

Camper 1- kittycat
Camper 2- June
Camper 3- Jack
Camper 4- Samantha

Cabin Fabulous:

Camper 1- Lexie
Camper 2- Delilah
Camper 3- Livy
Camper 4- SPACE OPEN comment fab4 to take this space

If we need to add another cabin just tell me in the comments!! Check out this post if you are totally confused:

Tomorrow we are having Snapshots so comment down below where would be a great place for Snapshots! Check here for more info:

OOOH SO EXCITE!!!! I haven't been getting enough links for the Showcase so send in some more! 
One more thing (I'm sorry this has been a boring post, there will be more fun coming tomorrow!) I'm open for Summer Guest Posts so comment down below if you want to guest post and check out the sidebar for a guestpost send in. (You don't have to have a blog to guest post) 

Thanks for reading this boring post,


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