Book Talks: Al Capone Shines My Shoes

Hello everyone! Instead of Review Thursday, I'm having Book Talk Sunday. Basically, reviews on Sunday but with a lot more talking about the book. Thursday will now be Thursday Showcase. Thanks! (BTW, I got this idea from 

BOOK: Al Capone Shines My Shoes by Gennifer Choldenko  (Book 2) 

When twelve-year old Moose Flanagan finds a note in one of his freshly laundered pillowcases, he knows exactly who its from: Al Capone. Capone may be one of the most notorious criminals in residence at Alcatraz, but he and Moose have a special connection. And now, it seems, Al Capone wants Moose to do something for him. As Moose and his friends work together to figure out how they're going to get away with helping one of America's most notorious gangsters, some of Alcatraz's other inhabitants are trying to get away with something of their own.........

Non-Spoiler Review
I think this book is great. All the characters are fabulous and its actually a good sequel. But if you're going to read this book then you should read the first book first: Al Capone Does My Shirts because you'll understand everything much much better.

Spoiler Review 
This is the part where we talk about the book. There are going to be spoilers so beware! 
If you have not read the book, then do not read this. You will not understand.

1. The relationship between Piper and Moose. During the book the reader is like, ooh they love each other. Are they going to kiss? NO BECAUSE OF STUPID THERESA! Then, Piper gets all mad at Moose and the reader is like, aww they hate each other. Of course, Annie has to be all "Miss Secretly Loves Moose When I Know Piper Loves Him" If I were Moose, I would choose Annie because Piper is mean, even though Piper is my favorite character.

2. Why does Jimmy get mad at MOOSE. It was Scout who said he throws like a girl not Moose. Jimmy is pretty cool (except for the fly thing) but now he is being a jerk. 

3. Piper being a spoilt brat at the end of the book. She says she will never love her baby brother because her father loves him more. HE WAS JUST BORN FOR GOODNESS SAKE! OF course Piper's dad is going to care for him because he is a newborn child who was abducted by a bunch of stinky cons! Come on Piper, use that brain. 

That's all for book talks! 

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