Snapshots- CAS Day 1

Hello everyone! Camp Amazing Sparkle has officially started and the first post is SNAPSHOTS! Here's the basic information: I give 1 main theme and have 5 pictures which have their own seperate theme that still relates to the main theme. It really isn't that complicated.

THEME- Your Backyard

Picture 1- Feet In The Grass
Take an awesome pic of your feet on your backyard grass.

It can be with shoes or no shoes

Picture 2- You With A Tree
This picture can be any part of you with a tree.

I chose my hand to be on the tree.

Picture 3- You At Any Angle
I can't really describe this so use the picture!

Since I'm not super confident with showing my whole face I took a picture from behind. Maybe I'll show my face when I get a bit older...

Picture 4- Your Favorite Part Of Your Backyard
This picture should be your favorite area in your backyard.

I love this tree is because it's really fun to climb!

Picture 5- A View From Below
Your picture should look something like this:

I hope everyone has fun with the challenge!!


~ Post on your blog and comment the link.

~ Email to me at

~ Post on any social media site and comment the link.

~ Any other way you can show me. 

PHOTOS SHOULD BE SENT IN BY NEXT SATURDAY!!!!!! Also, comment what you want for Beauty Monday.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Hi Noor,
    I'm using my computer to do this and my computer can't upload pictures. I will just try to describe them.
    Pic 1 was my feet on the grass. I was wearing pink sandals.
    Pic 2 was a selfie of my face and a tree in my back yard
    Pic 3 was me but I held my camera low and it made me look tall.
    Pic 4 was a hideout behind our shed that me and my brother made.
    Pic 5 was a picture from below. It was also behind my shed and had lots of trees in it.
    I am in my hideout as I write this!

    1. Great job Livy! 3 Points for Cabin Fabulous

  2. Ohhhh noooooooo!!! I don't have a camera!!! And my dad won't let me use his! :( :( :( :( I'm soooo sorry! :( :( :(

    1. Aww, that's alright. You can describe what the pictures would be like and I will count it.

    2. Oh, thank you, Noor!

      1. My feet in the grass. I would have pink and white striped nail polish on my toenails.
      2. My two hands on a tree. My wrists would have friendship bracelets on them.
      3. My face in front of some trees and flowers.
      4. My flower garden. I have daisies, peonies and other plants there. There is a wooden bench in the middle of the flower garden.
      5. From below. There would be trees and the sky.

      *** ***

  3. I do have a camera but don't know how to upload and send photos in emails yet so I will describe them:

    1. My feet in the grass making a v-shape. No shoes or nail polish
    2. My hands on an evergreen, yellowy tree. No nail polish.
    3. My face looking at something next to me in front of a tree
    4. The area at the back of my garden there is nothing but soil and a few trees
    5. A shot of a tree with green leaves from below, the sun was shining through.

    Lexie, Cabin Fabulousness.

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