Yet MORE Camp Stuff!

Hello everyone! I have some MORE stuff for camp! 

Camp Amazing Sparkle starts on June 2nd which is Monday and I'm so so so excited! We have one cabin so far which is great! Remember, you can be indvidual and it would be helpful if you could tell me that! This post is going to be explaining the weekly schedule and the schedule for 6/2-6/8. I'm going to have to exclude some of the weekly posts we do now in order to add in the new posts.

R- Regular Post
C- Camp Post

Monday- Let's Get Pretty! (Guys this one is NOT for you) Basically, every Monday, I will post a beauty/hair tutorial for all the girls who read my blog. Usually, no makeup. Just hair tutorials and nail tutorials! C

Tuesday- What Time Is It? It's Time For Lunch! 
Tuesdays will be all about food! Recipes, healthy or not healthy?, and much more! This should be real fun.

Wednesday- WWE and Let's Get Physical!
WWE will stay the same but this next one is all about getting active. Every week, I'll challenge you to an activity that I show you how to do! Great for staying active in the summer!

Thursday- Summer Learning, boo? and Reviews
YAY Learning! No? I promise, this one is fun. It won't be boring like school, but really fun! Reviews, regular.

Friday- FCF and Fab It Up
Fridays are the time to FAB THINGS UP! Every Friday, I'm going to teach you how to turn something ugly into FABNESS! 

Saturday- Sewing Saturday and Snapshots
I love taking pictures so every Saturday we're going to have a picture challenge! We choose one place (anywhere) and have a photoshoot. Then, send in those pics!

Sunday- Sunday Showcase
Sunday is just regular. Boo?

6/2-6/8 Schedule

Mon- Fabulous Nails 1
Tuesday- Yum Yum Smoothies
Wednesday- Hula-Hooping Games
Thursday- My Science Project
Friday- Fab Up Your Desk
Saturday- Kitchen Snapshots 

Thanks for reading,

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  1. That sounds great! I love this whole camp thing. :D I love the idea of having a cooking day. I think it would be a good idea if you had a few Tuesdays being healthy foods and like once or maybe twice a month have it be like a less healthy dessert or something. :)


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