I know, I know, last week I did not post a Sunday Showcase because my iPad died when I was waiting for it to publish and I forgot to save it. But now I have a new and better Sunday Showcase because I am using a computer!! :)

1. A Bit Confusing's Cool Quote Pictures

This one is my favorite of all her pictures but they are all awesome! Check out Barbora's blog here:

2. Lexie's Amazing Review


Lexie at Lexie Loves just did a review on this book above. I read the review and I think it is awesome! Check out Lexie here:

3. Amelia Grace's Contest

This is probably the second time I've featured Amelia but she always has the best posts. Amelia is currently having a fashion contest so go check that out:

4. Hayden's 5 Facts
Hayden over at Hayden's Animal Facts posted 5 Facts About Snapping Turtles. Turtles are my favorite animals so this post caught my eye. Check him out here:

If you visit any of these blogs make sure you comment and  link to this post in your comment. 

I hope you enjoyed! 30 day Challenge post will be coming later today!

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  1. Hi Noor! Thank you for posting about my Fashion Friday contest! I would love it if you would enter!


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