Wednesday's Weekly In it to Win It

Whoo, that was hard to type! Hello everyone! I can't believe I haven't posted in 5 DAYS! AAH!

I've created a new event/game for the blog! It's called Wednesday's In It To Win It event. (WWE, not the wrestling thing the blog thing.) What is this event? Let me explain. 

It's really easy, I will post some trivia questions on the blog every Wednesday and you have to try to answer the questions correctly in the comments. Whoever gets all the questions correct wins! What do you win? KNOWLEDGE! I'm just kidding. It's a surprise..... you find out next Tuesday! The competion ends next Wednesday when I announce the winner and post a new WWE post! Let's get started!

 MOVIE- In what song of Frozen does Anna go to meet Elsa in her castle? 

 SPORT- Where is the World Cup being held this year? OR Who won the Super Bowl this year? 

FOOD- When was the Hershey bar created?

 SONG- How long is the song Royals by Lorde?
CRAFT- What two main things do you need to sew? EASY!

RANDOM- What famous quote does Darth Vader say to Luke in Star Wars? 

Thanks for playing, winner will be announced on WEDNESDAY!!!

I have been getting some emails asking if Alisha can host some of the posts (Alisha is my doll.) on this blog. I'm going to have my readers vote:

B.Yes, but not every day maybe one day of the week.
C. Maybe.
D. I'm not a fan of American Girl Dolls
E. NOOOOO! I HATE AG! (Hopefully no one selects E.)

POST SCHEDULE- Here is my updated post schedule!
Monday- Opinion Posting
Tuesday- Free Choice for me
Wednesday- WWE
Thursday- Review and vote
Friday- Free Choice Friday
Saturday- Sewing Saturday
Sunday- Learn to Sew series 

Thanks for reading,


  1. I vote No. C and for Wednesday's Weekly In It To Win It do I have to e-mail the answers to you or put it in the comment box?

  2. You are funny. I like that. :) no. i hate ag. they're bad. bad bad bad. >:(

    1. If you don't like A.G., don't say anything because there are some people who like A.G. and that would hurt their feelings. I happen to be one of them and that really hurt my feelings. :(

    2. Fair point but they don't want to see Alisha so they need to say!!

  3. I think it would be great if your American Girl Doll could host some of the posts!
    Amelia Grace :)

  4. 1. The First Time in Forever (I love the movie, too, Noor! :D)
    2. The Seattle Seahawks
    3. 1893
    4. Ummm, 5 min.?
    5. Needle and thread.
    6. Easy peasy, lemon squeezey! "No, I am your father."

    I hope you do more Wednesday's In it to Win it. It's pretty fun! :)

    As for Alisha, YES!!!!!

    Your loyal reader,

    Julia :D

  5. 1 Let it go
    2 Brazil
    3 1893
    4 6 min
    5 needle and thread
    6 ''NO, I am your father"
    YES plz let Alisha post


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