App Review- Kindle for iPad

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be sharing with you, not a book review but an APP REVIEW! I haven't finished any books recently so I had none to review. Anyways, the app is called Kindle for iPad.

Kindle for iPad isn't exactly like the real Kindle, you can only read books on the app. But while you are reading, it still has all the features of a book on the real Kindle.

It's fun to mess around with the font, color, and size of the words and pages. Also, if you have trouble reading you can make the words bigger so its easier to see. 

Here's the big question: would I recommend it? As a book lover, I prefer reading books from, books! But, I know a lot of people who HATE reading from books so if you are one of those people, the Kindle app is for you.

Another question: Why should you get the app if you can get the device? One, because if you love your iPad (me) and don't want to get another device, just buy the app. Two, the app is FREE! Yay? Not really, you have to have an Amazon account and you have to buy the books from Amazon but they're usually cheaper than regular books.

What books have I read on there? Maybe this is something you don't really want to know but I'll share anyways. I have read: Percy Jackson, a demo of the Hunger Games, and Pride and Prejudice. (Yes the actual one by Jane Austen.) 

FINAL VOTE- 3 stars out of 5 stars
Anyways, don't forget to play WWE! Post from yesterday.

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