Mother's Day Fun!

Happy Mother's Day to all my readers and their mothers!! Mother's Day is a big celebration in my house, let's see what I've done!

My gift to my mom was this doll that I made. It was a doll of her. My friend and I were joking that from the back the doll looked like the AG Saige. 

The next thing I made was a bowl of fruit. Yum! 

I couldn't get a picture of making the bread so here is the finished meal: fruit, breakfast pizza bread, and water. 

What are you doing for Mother's Day and leave a comment if you want a recipe for the bread. 

Thanks for reading,


  1. Well, we went to my Grandma's house and ate pie and ice cream. I also made my mom a collage box. I just glued on a bunch of pieces of patterned paper onto a sturdy box. That was all, though. Not much went on today. I would like to know the recipe for the pizza bread! :) It sounds good.

  2. Oh, BTW, I think the doll looks wonderful! :D

  3. Would love to hear the recipe.

  4. I love the doll. It looks wonderful. :)


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