National Craft Month

DAY 2- March's Weird and WaCkY Holidays

I know, it isn't necessarily a holiday BUT, March is U.S Craft Month and I would like to celebrate with a craft or two.

CRAFT 1- Duct Tape Flower Pens

I love making these pens. We're actually handing them out as favors for a party coming up. All you need is duct tape, scissors, and a pen.

Step One: Measuring the tape
Each petal is a 2 inch piece of duct tape. Each flower can have anywhere from 21-24 petals. I have 6 colors, so I made 24 petals, 4 of each color. I found the easiest way to cut the duct tape was to measure each strip on a gridded mat and cut it with an exact o knife.  

Step Two: To make the petals
Take one 2 inch strip, sticky side up and fold down one corner so that you are left with an "L" of sticky. Fold the other upper corner down leaving just the bottom strip of the sticky "L". Repeat this to make all the petals. 

Step Three: Forming the flower
Take a small piece of duct tape and cover the bottom of the pen to create the center of the flower (not shown in picture). Take your first petal and wrap it around the end of the pen. Continue to wrap each petal so the points are staggered.

Step Four: Adding the stem
Measure a strip of green tape the size needed to cover the pen from the cap to the base of the flower. A BIC pen uses 4 inches of green tape. Wrap the piece of tape around the pen.  

Step Five: Finishing touches
Cut a half inch strip of green tape and cut it into 4 equal squares. Stick the squares to the base of the flower evenly spacing the points.

Now you're done!

Craft 2- Weaving on Cardboard

This one I found here, it has pictures and very nice instructions.

Sorry for Craft 1 that I don't have any pictures but if you have any trouble, ask me about it in the comments. 

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Thank you for posting this! I love crafts. :)


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