Happy Birthday To Me!

Guess what everyone, today is my birthday! So, I am going to celebrate with my readers here on my blog! Today I am giving you a list of 10 things. Hope you will enjoy them. Ready? Let's get started!

List 1: 10 (More) Things About Me

1. I am (from today on) 10 years old.

2. My two favorite movies are Frozen and Rio.(Can't wait for Rio 2!)

3. I love cookies. Cookies are awesome!!!!

4. I sew. Not normal for kids but I do. It's really fun while in the process and when you are finished you can look at the amazing job you've done. 

5. I have a lot of stuffed animals. I love stuffed animals, I collect them. I love to do stuff with them. (Fun Fact: When I was just a bit younger, I used to play town or city with them. The city took uo my whole room!)

6. I dislike caramel. I know, so many people LOVE caramel, but I don't. It's too creamy and gooey. 

7. I love to ride my bike with my dad. Sometimes we bike around the neighborhood, other times we bike in a large, empty parking lot. It's really fun.

8. My favorite subject is ELA. I love to read and write. My least favorite subject is Math. *yawn*

9. I always get mad when people call me 9, when I'm really 9 1/2. I don't know, its something that really bugs me!

10. Blogging is awesome! I love to connect with my readers! Thank you so much everyone!

Thanks for reading,

Noor, now a 10-year old!


  1. Happy birthday, Noor!!!��

  2. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Noor, happy birthday to you! Hooray!!!

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