What's Happening With The Orcas?

Have you ever been to a place like Sea World, a marine park? If yes, maybe you've seen the killer whale shows they have there. Soon, these shows may be going away for good. 

Killer Whales + Small Pools= disaster

In 2010, a killer whale drowned a trainer in the pool during a show. This leads experts to a big question. Should orcas still be in captivity for shows? 

Many people think it is dangerous for the trainers and the audience, but others think it is harmful for the orcas. Living in a small pool all your life can be really hard. The killer whales can get bored and frustrated. 

What Do We Do?

Animal-rights groups say that the marine parks should open special ocean sanctuaries for the orcas so they have more space.

Another thing experts are saying is to ban orca shows at marine parks. If you wanted to see orcas you would see them in the ocean where they belong.

My Opinion

I think the ocean sanctuaries is a great idea. The sanctuaries can be pretty big and can even be put in the ocean. As for the dangerous factor, I think they have that solved. Trainers are no longer allowed to be in the water with the killer whales. Everyone will be safe.

I really hope that these magnificent creatures are set free or at least kept in ocean sanctuaries. 

Have hope for the orcas everyone!


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  1. I hope that they open special ocean sanctuaries. I once watched a documentary about the orcas and it was just so sad.


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