Small Acts Of Kindness

Did you know a Small Act of Kindness can make someone's day? People who do Small Acts of Kindness are called Kind Agents. Do you know who the best Kind Agents are? Kids. 

Today I am going to happily share with you 17 Small Acts of Kindnesses. (Is that even a word?) 

1. Smile 
Give a nice smile to someone, it might make their day.

2. Help out
See someone struggling with groceries? Help em' out! 

3. Plant a tree
When spring comes around the corner, which it will be (hopefully) go outside and plant a tree. Watch it grow over the years. How is this a Small Act of Kindness? You are being kind to the environment which is very helpful.

4. Manners
Give a nice please or thank you to someone who helped you.

5. Give a nice tip to waiters
This act is probably for adults but kids can just say "Thank You"

6. Make up a holiday for a loved one.
I created one for my mom, it's on December 17.

7. Write little notes to people you  are about.
Maybe: Have a nice day, I love you, Good Luck, etc.

8. Cook a meal for a friend
There are loads of cooking sites where you can find just the right meal to give as a gift.

9. Give a donation at the store to a local food bank.
Sometimes the store you shop at will be taking donations for a food bank. Donate! 

10. Pick up any trash you see.
This can add up to a lot if you pick one piece of trash up everyday.

11. Say hi to the mailman
I bet no one does this. I try to every time I see her!

12. Visit a lemonade stand
If you see a lemonade stand while driving by, stop by, grab a glass of lemonade.

13. Tape a dollar bill of a vending machine
Hopefully the person who finds it will use it for food. 

14. Leave a quarter in a gumball machine
Now someone gets a free gumball.

15. Pick a flower and leave it on a random car
Write a little note saying "Have a nice day!"

16. Give away your tickets to some younger kid
They will LOVE you. Trust me, I've done it before and it was worth seeing the HUGE smile on their faces. 

17. Laugh
Because laughter is the best medicine.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you do some of these acts,



  1. I will totally do these. I love your blog so much!

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