April's Monthly Theme

In March I did something called "March's Weird and WaCkY Holidays" In April, I've decided to bring up a new theme: The Poetry Challenge. This challenge needs one thing to become successful: you! It's kind of simple so I'll explain!

Part One: The Task
April is one of my favorite months. Why? April is poetry month! For this month's theme I've decided to host a poetry contest right here on my blog. This challenge is pretty simple. What I want my readers to do is write a poem, it can't be anything else but a poem. Your poem must follow some certain rules. 

Rules and Entry Qualifications-
The rules are simple, your poem must be at least 5 lines long. It does not have to rhyme but I'll say at least two words have to rhyme with each other in your poem. I might make some exceptions but contact me to ask. Your poem must be entered by email. I do not accept poems that are entered through the comments. Also, if I don't recieve more than 10 entries, I will call off the giveaway. The entry qualifications are that you have to live in the UK or the USA. I'm sorry, its just the easiest for me. You can still contact me and send in a poem but if you win the contest you won't be able to recieve the prize from the giveaway. Speaking of giveaways.....

Part Two: The Giveaway
At the end of the month,I will choose 3 winners. One actual winner and two runner-ups. The actual winner will win the grand prize and the runner ups will win a slightly smaller prize. The only difficult part is that the company I choose the giveaway form might have ME mail the prize to you. This is a problem because you're going to have to send me your address. But we'll deal with that once that problem arises. 

Part Three- Share It!
As I said earlier, I need at least 10 entries in order to keep going with this contest.Unfourtunately, I only have about 4 or 5 people who check on my blog almost every time I have a new post. (thank you to those people by the way!!!! I really appreciate those who come and comment.) so I need you to tell your friends about my blog! Ask them to enter the contest. would also appreciate if they could check out my site and maybe become one of those people who keep coming back! Also, if they inform me in their comments that you told them about my blog, I would give an extra entry into the giveaway. Thanks guys!


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this challenge! Remember, share it!


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