Should Plastic Bags Be Banned?

                                Yes, I think plastic bags should be banned!

We've all used plastic bags many times in our lives. Aren't they convenient! Picking up our dog's waste, carrying our heavy groceries. Yeah, the marine animals don't agree with you.

      Plastic bags are extremely harmful to the environment. First of all, plastic isn't biodegradable. This means that it does not break down so fast. Actually, it takes about 10-20 years. Even after that, it still isn't fully gone! I know what you're thinking, what does that have to do with the marine animals, or me? Well, think again. Sometimes, these leftover pieces of fabric escape from the landfills and eventually end up in the oceans. When they end up in our oceans, marine animals might think that piece of plastic is a tasty snack. More like a deadly snack! One little bite of plastic bag may block an animal's digestive tract. This causes a very slow and painful death for the animal. (Cue the sad faces) Other times, instead of small pieces of plastic, entire plastic bags can escape the landfills. That causes even more danger for the animals. The animals can get caught or stuck in the plastic bags. The worst case scenario is that the bag gets caught around the animal's throat, strangling it and slowly killing it.

   Now the same question pops up again. How can plastic bags harm us? Do you like fish? Chicken? Guess what? Since the animals are digesting plastic bag chemicals, so are we. When we eat fish that have eaten plastic bags ,(which of course we don't know that they have) we are digesting chemicals from the fish that were in the plastic bag. GROSS!!

Plastic bags are harming our beautiful world. So next time you go to the store, ditch the plastic bag and go for the better choice: the reusable bag! 

Thanks for reading,

Noor (Save the oceans, don't use plastic bags!) 

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