World Water Day

Day 5: March's Weird and WaCkY Holiday's

March 22 is my birthday and also World Water Day. 

Let's celebrate our wonderful water! 


- Most of our Earth is made of water but only 1% of it is drinkble. 

- A lot of countries do not have access to clean water. (Don't waste your water, use it wisely, be grateful that you have access to clean water!)

- Millions of people die every year from drinking clean water. 

Use Your Water Wisley!

Water is not a toy. Please do not play with it. Instead use it wisely and don't waste it. Take showers, not baths, try not to buy toys that use water. Don't play with water guns as much, maybe once in a while. Our world is starting to run out of water. You can stop this from happening by saving our water!

Thanks for reading,

Noor, the water saver

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