The Truth About The Five Second Rule

You are walking into the kitchen to get a tasty snack, maybe some.... ooh cookies! You take one out of the box, but oops! It slipped out of your hand. As you reach down to pick it up, you think to yourself: "The cookie is still okay, five second rule!" But, is the cookie really okay? 

Food rules such as the five second rule have been around for a long time, there's even a 10 second rule. (Fun Fact: A ruler of China once created the 100 second rule. That failed of course!) But scientists in Britain have been studying this rule to see if it is really true. 

To test it, the scientist dropped a variety of foods on different indoor floors that had been exposed with two different types of common bacteria. We have not received any results yet. 

The scientists also did an experiment on 500 people testing who actually believed in the 5-second rule. They asked people if they would eat food dropped on the floor. 87% of the 500 people said they would eat food of the floor. Most of these people were women. 

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