The 5 Types of Bloggers

Hello everyone! Different type of post, I'm going to be listing the 5 types of bloggers that I've seen from experience while browsing around. Maybe you'll identify as one of them! NOTE: this isn't meant to be offensive in anyway :)

Pokeblogger Type #1
The Perfectionist

Moves: Photography Junkie, Grammar Nazi, Mega Redoer, Organizer 

Strengths: This blog, is p e r f e c t i o n. This blogger puts serious time in their posts. They've got a rough draft, a first draft, and then a final draft. They edit all of their posts and pictures and their blog aesthetic is always amazing. And somehow, they manage to keep up a great posting schedule. 

Weaknesses: Being The Perfectionist is hard, like hard. And extremely stressful. These bloggers tend to get stressed out. When they're not blogging, they're often ripping their hair out. (maybe an exaggeration) 

Pokeblogger Type #2
 The Inspired 

Moves: Originality, Inspiring Posts, Dream Catcher, Creativity.

Strengths: You see these posts and you think how they came up with this. Their posts are bursting with creative things and creative words. They also give off these inspiring feelings that inspire you to do crazy things. How they do it? What is the magic that they throw in? You may never know. 

Weaknesses: Since their posts give off those crazy inspiring feelings, they often get their post ideas stolen. They do come up with things that have never been seen before, so those nasty post idea thieves think it's okay to snatch them. Without credit. *shudders*

for example. glee is inspiring (not an example, just an excuse to put a glee gif)

Pokeblogger Type #3
The Blogger of the Arts

Moves: Creativity, Muser, Writing Phenomenon, Serenade

Strengths: Writing poems or stories, music, art, whatever this blogger may post: they're killer at it. They will blow your socks off, blow you to another country with their content. It's amazing, you'd kill for their talent. Everything they post is always insanely great, you wonder why they're not famous yet. Their poetry is deep and moving. Their musical voice is stunning. Their instrumentals are crazy. Their art is so beautiful and creative that you could cry. And their stories are bestseller worthy. 

Weaknesses: Sometimes you won't see this blogger for a couple weeks. And that's because of artist/writer's block. They won't know what to post, their creative juices are gone. But they come back eventually. And their posts are as killer as ever. 

what's that? another glee gif? yes because if they all had blogs, they would be this blogger

Pokeblogger Type #4
The Journaler 

Moves: Simple Yet Personal , Down to Earth, Short and Sweet, Vlogger Blogger

Strengths: This blogger generally leads to more personal posts, whether it's about their life or just other lifestyle related things. Their posts are always nice to read, and include cute pictures from their life. It's like a reality show, keeping up with their life, except not nearly as crazy. 

Weaknesses: Sometimes, it's hard to share things that happen in your life, especially with other people. That's just about the only weakness, being this blogger is quite easy, and fun :D

look at how awesome i am i managed to put a gif relating to reality tv and a blog with soul in one gif.

Pokeblogger Type #5
The ???

Moves: All Over, Posting Storm, Idea Tornado, Huh

Strengths: What kind of blogger are they? You can't really tell. Their posts are all over the place, you'll never know what you'll get. But you love the fact that they're spontaneous and you can get excited to see what they have in storm next. They have TONS of ideas and whenever they deliver them, it's pretty great. 

(do you see it coming)

(there is is)

Weaknesses: It's hard for this blogger to manage their posts and what they're going to post. They might do a lot of one post at a time and not enough of another type of post. It gets hard to not be able to choose one niche to focus on, some readers might follow for one thing, and not like something else they post. 

Pokeblogger #6 
The One With the Glee Gifs

Moves: Gifs Galore, Crying Over Glee, Sobbing Over Glee, Shipping Glee Characters

Strengths: everything

Weaknesses; Klaine

i'm kidding. maybe.

That was something new for me. But let me know which blogger you think you are, maybe you're a combo of some of these, tell me in the comments :D

I might be 6, not quite sure.

(don't be offended by this, seriously, it's not meant in that way :))

Thanks for reading,

appreciate my glee gifs


  1. Which one do you think I am? I honestly don't know... 😅

  2. I think I'm pretty much number #5. I'm not a lifestyle blogger, or a book blogger, or a professional blogger, I'm just a blogger who posts about whatever. xD

    ~Lydia~ <3

  3. Me? Uh, idk really. I just think I'm that one completely band-obsessed child that has nothing else to do with her life than listen to music and watch YouTube all day. xD Still, which one do you think I am?


  4. I have no idea which one I am. What do you think? Maybe a weird mix of perfectionist, journaler, and ???. Not sure. XD

  5. I'm probably a mix between 5 and 6..?

    - Edie

  6. This was great :D And accurate. I'd say I'm probably a mix of #2 and #3. The weaknesses you listed for those are just spot on lol..

    Edge of Night

  7. Great post! I am not sure which blogger I am, but anyways... great gifs!

  8. This is such a great post! Hmm, I don't know which one I am! I think I'm a bit of the perfectionist, except sometimes I get lazy ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  9. Such a fun post!! My goal is to be #2 and #3, and I hope I live up to it! I love this :)

  10. Super awesome post Noor! I am proably 5 but I want to be 1.

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  11. I loved this! I don't really know which one I am to be honest, all I know is I'm not the 1st one.
    ~ Rukiya

  12. Great post Noor! I am am positive I am #5.

  13. Great post Noor! I am am positive I am #5.

  14. XD This was good! I'm probably #5 though. . .

  15. I am probably a mix of #5 and #3!

  16. Just like Rose, I'm probally #5 and #3, but maybe a little bit of #2.

  17. I don't know what I am, I will have to ask someone.

  18. Well, I must be #11 cause there isnt a fitting label. Good thing i guess?

  19. I like to see myself as the five of them? Haha. Even if I don't, I would like to be the five of them, especially the fifth (oops!).
    xTiara (http://awaveofvellichor.wordpress.com

  20. I'm definitely type #4 and yes my tumblr is like my special place and you can found out so much about me from there!


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