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Hello everyone! I don't know about you, but I love listening to music when I read. It just gives a nice background to my reading experience. Of course there are several other perks/things to remember and I thought it would be nice to ahem, list them to you because l i s t s 

here are some things to keep in mind/reasons WHY you could try combining reading + music

ONE || better visualization 

maybe you're reading a very intense scene in your book and you're like INTENSE EXTREME WOW. but then you're listening to a very intense song and you're like EVEN MORE INTENSE EXTREME. 

The background song can give you a better grasp on the scene, like in a movie, the music kind of shapes the scene. 

a cool option is to like play the movie soundtrack if the book has a movie adaptation. that gives the FULL experience. try it, it might be easier to picture stuff in your imagination zone. (or your brain if you want to call it that)

TWO || associating books with music

I don't know if this is necessarily a reason why, but it is another cool thing that might not be a thing for everyone but it's happened to me a lot?? 

Sometimes if I'm listening to an album/playlist while reading a book, I'll start to think of that book when listening to those songs. For example I listened to AM by Arctic Monkeys while reading Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins and I always think of the character St Claire when listening to certain songs?

Is my brain just weird or does this happen to other people help

THREE || not all music is good for reading

you know how I said intense music? yeah heavy metal and rock shouldn't be the intense music that you're listening to while reading. something lighter, or any type of classical music is nice. Also try to keep it quieter. 

why? because having your brain focus on too many things at once is bad, but if you keep the music on the down low, you won't have that problem. 

FOUR || fitting music to books

The thing with Arctic Monkeys and Anna and the French Kiss just happened to work together for me. But lately, I've been trying to gather playlists that fit with the book to actually elevate my experience. 

Don't listen to hardcore classical during a light romantic book, it's going to be more distracting because the music doesn't ACTUALLY fit the book. I don't think a date by the river fits with Flight of the Bumblebees. Unless it's some sort of intense scene, YOU GET WHAT I MEAN. 

If you're listening to lighter music while reading a lighter book, it's gonna be easier to slip into the book. It's like the thing with the movie soundtrack, the music fits with the scene. if that makes ANY sense whatsoever. 

FIVE || reading + music isn't for everyone

If you are good at multitasking, you have good focus, you don't get distracted easily, then you should give it a shot. 

If you get distracted easily, it might be hard for you, not saying you shouldn't give it a shot, but you might be focusing too much on the music and won't be able to read. 

Do you read while listening to music? Do you think that it would be for you? What songs do you like to listen to while reading?

Thanks for reading,


  1. I listened to American Beauty/American Psycho (the song, not the album) by Fall Out Boy while reading Paper Towns and IT WAS SO AWESOME. I feel like that song really describes the novel, and it was absolutely electrifying to listen to while Margo and Q were vandalizing the town. XD

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. WOW THAT'S PERFECT i can totally imagine that omg :O

  2. i usually get too distracted to listen to music while I'm reading. xD sometimes i'll play vinyl and have it really quiet, and it works, though. Most often it's indie stuff like of monsters and men, or the neighbourhood.
    typically i associate music with books after I've actually finished the book?? like i'll be listening to a song and go,"OH WAIT THIS IS TOTALLY *INSERT BOOK/CHARACTER*"
    lovely post noor!! <3
    xx a || not gary cooper

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  4. It literally depends on my day whether or not I'll listen to music while I read. Some days I absolutely LOVE it, and other times I'm just like, "If I don't shut this off I'll lose my mind."
    A lot of times when I'm listening to music though, I'll think of a book that would go great with it. I guess it's just the bookworm in me. ;)

  5. I love listening to music so i'll usually go onto 8tracks and search up that book. Another thing I love to do is put on Hamilton but I have to put it on quietly or I'll start (terribly) singing along and only read the same word over and over again. I also love to listen to soundtracks (especially the Hobbit).

    - Edie

  6. What an interesting post! I'd never thought of listening to music while reading--I would probably get distracted anyway. Although it might be interesting to listen to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack while reading the trilogy... (at least "Concerning Hobbits" at the beginning!)

    Serena | poetree {blog}


    Personally, I cannot listen to music while reading although I must start trying again.


  8. This is a great post, but I could never listen to music while reading! It's too much of a distraction for me, haha ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  9. I haven`t tried it but sounds like it could be fun.


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