WIP: My Best Friend, the Ghost

Hello everyone! Finally, after months of writers block and discontent, I'm working on my first solid novel project. As a plotter. Save me.

I'm KIDDING, plotting is kind of fun, and kind of necessary based on my past experiences with writing, but that's a post for another day. After reading Sunset's post  and Morning's post, I managed to create some visuals and summarize what I have of my novel to share with you!

this is just a rough rough rough rough rough the roughest of the rough draft/summary. don't laugh at me or throw tomatoes, not yet.

the roughest of summaries

Avis is the most introverted person you will ever meet. She doesn’t talk to anyone, she has no friends, and she intends to keep it that way. The social pyramid, math, and gym class are her worst enemies, but she really doesn’t care anymore. Avis is depressed, but never wants to admit it.

Sayni is the most interesting person you will ever meet. He doesn’t talk to anyone, he has no friends, probably because no one can see him, and he intends to keep it that way. The world, human beings, and his spiteful father are his worst enemies. Sanyi died 5 years ago, and never passed on, but he really doesn’t care anymore. Sanyi is depressed, and he’s willing to admit it, but there’s no one there to listen.

Two similar, yet completely different beings cross paths on the courts of a small high school in Indiana. Dodgeballs were thrown at faces, but not at Avis, the balls merely hovering in front of her, all caught by Sanyi, which lead everyone to believe that she’s a witch of some sort, they didn’t even know she existed. With the help of Sanyi, Avis treks slowly through high school, ditching her shell and taking on a more outgoing personality. In return, Avis makes it her mission to put Sanyi at ease and let him pass on calmly.

the stars of the show

Avis Chamakadaar // shining bird (latin + hindi)

Basic information: 17 years old, born in Hammond, Indiana (where the story is set), Indian American, brown eyes, brown hair, 5'3, olive skin tone, human being.

Characteristics: Shy, doesn’t speak at all, keeps to herself, doesn’t let anyone get close to her, stubborn, unmotivated.

Avis doesn't look out for anyone, not even herself. She keeps to herself, and locks her heart away somewhere where even she can't reach it. Her mother is kept away in rehab for alcoholism and her father got married to another woman, Arya, who is surprisingly the only person who can make her smile. She keeps herself hidden, making sure no one will notice her (ironically, Avis is "notice" in French, I didn't know that until hm, 5 minutes ago?) almost like, a ghost.

Sanyi Kato // changing old to new - sanyi is the name sandy (hungarian and japanese)

Basic information: 22 years old, born in Gary, Indiana, Hungarian with slight Japanese origins, brown eyes, blonde hair, 6'0, beige skin tone, ghost. 

Characteristics: Fairly outgoing, awkward, caring, helpful.

Sanyi is not at ease, but he doesn't care that much. His mission was to help people on earth with their silly day jobs, and he's doing just that. He isn't depressed, why would he be, he's making people happy, even though they don't really know he's there. Yet, in his heart, he has anger towards his father, who was never arrested for Sanyi's murder and was never discovered for what he really did. Deep down in his heart, his mission was always to never let his father get away with his actions, for then he really knew, he could pass on, peacefully.

the supporting cast

Drake // Sanyi's younger brother - Genevieve // Avis's friend - Jamie // Avis's friend

this is perhaps, the roughest thing I've written, but it'll be shaped as I work through the novel and plotting, putting bits and pieces together! My goal is to have the whole plan ready before November so I can hopefully write this for NaNoWrimo, with a fully planned out novel. Whooh, that feels good to type.

Maybe I'll share more as I go along but for now, I leave you with this. *grins* hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading,


  1. This story sounds soo cool and I'm honestly in love with these characters. Lot's of people can probably relate to Avis (I can) so please let us know as soon as this comes out!!

    1. Thank you love <3 I relate to Avis in many ways, I based her off of me and a couple people that I know :D

  2. Well done for your commitment to plotting! I hope this goes really well, keep us updated! Also I love your character names :D

    1. Thank you Emily, I'm hoping to the writing gods that this works out for me XP

  3. Hm... cool. Id like to read this, will you be sharing this on your blog?

    1. Most likely not, not like I did with my old cringe stories, but once I write the first draft, I will get alpha readers and stuff like that to read it :D

  4. Hm... cool. Id like to read this, will you be sharing this on your blog?

  5. Replies
    1. I TRIED!! I wanted to tire the old white female trope and.. try someone new perhaps.

  6. OMG I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR STORY NOOR!! I love your characters.(especially their names!) And the diversity!! <3 Can't wait to read your story, Noor.

    anna | annaish

  7. Damn! I'm so excited! When you finish it, pleeeaaase let me proof read it! Your character names are so freaking beautiful Noor!

    X Edie

  8. Wow! I like the sound of it already! Write it, write it! The characters sound real and I like that Sanyi is part Japanese. :) I do have a question though, why does Avis hardly talk? Has she always rarely talked? Or did something happen to her? Did people treat her badly? Has she had a lot of social anxiety since before she could remember? I love introverted characters (because I'm introverted!). If so many people and situations didn't demand my words, I'd rather not talk like Avis too. XD

  9. I LOVE this. Please send me 87 copies when this is published so I can share this fabulous story with every single person I meet. ;)

    Keep up the good work and make sure to reach out when you need help! I'll always be here to support you on your journey. <3


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