What I Learned From Taking a Break

Hello everyone! I'm back, from what I thought was going to be a shorter break. But halfway through last week, I decided that I would carry out this break for the entire break. I sort of let go of a lot of things, like blogging, soccer, practicing violin. for mental reasons. No but really, I learned some things about myself and these activities on this break.

That doing these activities gives me something to do. Literally that week was so boring, all I did was watch Anna Akana videos and play Sims until I literally couldn't stare at screens no more. Going to practice, practicing my violin, blogging, it all gave me something to do and made my days meaningful.

That I was much more stressful?? ???? WHAT how is this even possible?? The first time I got stressed last week, I was like ?? I have nothing to be stressed about. But then I realized doing these things actually helps me destress and take a break. Listening to the sweet (usually..) melodies of my violin. Snuggling up and writing a nice blog post. Kicking the ball around and letting out my anger. All ways I usually destress, and I let go of all of them.

How unorganized I am. While on the break, I also decided to look at why these things were making me stressed and sad a lot. Because I didn't have a good organized schedule with them. I had no form of blogging whatsoever, I was just slapping things onto a document, hoping it will work. I had no organized time to practice my violin, and I often would just not do it. I didn't make time to practice soccer at home at all, which was lowering my performance. And I didn't manage my time doing all of these things.

As a result, I talked with my parents and they helped me establish a little block like schedule for each day that helps me manage my time and it's honestly been working. Good plan.

How unconfident I am. I have almost no confidence in myself. It's honestly so sad. I realized how often I approach things with a negative attitude. I mean, I had realized this before but I had never decided to truly act on it. I don't think I can do anything which has lowered my performance in everything I do, and it's ruining my self esteem. I still haven't figured out how to fix this, which is the worst part about it all. I just think what if I mess up? and then I end up beating myself up.

That it's lonely. A lot of social activity occurs with blogging, and during practice (not violin, I'm the most anti-social person when I practice violin) and without those interactions, I get lonely. I mean sure, I talk to my other friends but I think I was so used to all that "socialness" that I just got sad? I mean I really don't know I'm 99% sure I'm just ranting at this point but you know

But yeah I'm gonna go since my computer is dying. I hope you somewhat (?) enjoyed that and um. stay awesome :)

Thanks for reading,


  1. I find violin helps me to destress too!

  2. sounds like you had a very insightful break :)

  3. Hi again Noor!
    This is just a suggestion but how could would it be if you did a violin blog post, since blogging + violin are activities that you enjoy, and de-stress you? Anyway, were glad to see you back!
    -Elsa :)

  4. Hey Noor! I know exactly how you feel; I recently came back from quite a long blog break also, and I never realized how much I missed it until I started writing. So to celebrate my return to the blogosphere I created an entirely new blog! I just needed to wipe my slate clean, you know?
    Anyways, I'm glad you're back. And oh my gosh, you play the violin? That's amazing! I'm learning the keyboard but I kinda suck a bit at it. I agree with Elsa; it'd be really cool if you uploaded a violin video!

  5. It's nice to see you back! It's always good to have something that can help us de-stress. I find that when I take a break from dancing I actually get more stressed, as weird as it sounds, so I totally understand ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  6. I'm glad you're back Noor! I missed you!

  7. Look at everything you learned from a few days off! That's great. As far as low self-esteem goes, know that if you are giving it your best, there is no need to worry about your performance! Dismiss any negative thoughts about yourself and attack it!

    Playing the piano helps me destress for sure. How neat that so many people turn to music. And welcome back :D


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