ramble about blogging - you may ignore if you wish

this isn't an important post, I mean it's going to help me release all of the emotions, you can just X out if you'd like, or you can read it. who knows, you could relate.


do I need it to fit in here? I mean I feel like I need to fit in here, and by here I mean the blogging community and I feel like I fit in but not quite. My blog is sort of all over the place at the moment and while I'm trying to keep a strict lifestyle/book/fangirl "niche" it's just not turning out very well?

Everyone has their way of fitting in and even after 2 whole years of doing this I don't have a spot. Almost every blog in this little community has their own place, the reason why they stand out. But I'm just there? Doing the same things everyone else does, posting the same things, there's really nothing new for me. And it's like people are losing interest in my blog, and I'm losing interest in the same boring things I'm posting every week.

I have not been reading blogs and connecting with others lately, and that's how it's been for like 2-4 months and I really want to get out of this slump but I just don't know how.

As I've went through my blogging time, I've grown decently in readers and ideas and stuff, but now I'm at that point where I'm out and it's a flatline of readers and ideas and stuff, it's just nothing now. I don't want to take a break, I took a break this same exact time last year and too many breaks just won't cut it for me. I love blogging, but I'm running out of ideas. It's a bad occasion of not enough supply but too much demand. I want to post all the time, but I don't have the inspiration to do it.

I'd also like to do another survey, but I literally just did a survey but they are truly so helpful to me because it gives me an idea of what to post.

I want to keep my blog to just lifestyle/books/fangirliness because then I think I'll have more ideas and that will help that flat line extend upwards into greatness (?)


If you read this, basically I'm asking for help. anyway you can give it to me, because I'm stuck in every way possible.

ALSO- If I don't return for a week or so, it's probably because I made a decision to take a teeny (tiny) super short. super super short. break.



  1. I don't have a niche. I don't have any outstanding thing about my blog. I ramble about music and occasionally post book reviews and that's about it. I always feel like I'm out of touch with the community and don't belong. There's no stream of newcomers, and sometimes I feel like perhaps I'd be better off just writing on a private blog.
    So yeah, I totally get where you're coming from. But having said all that-- I don't feel like you need to have a niche. You don't need to cater to anyone but yourself, and if you want to post something, whether or not you think a ton of people are going to read it, then you should. I think the right readers will find you-- I know I for one favor a little more schizophrenic blogging then straight lifestyle/photography/etc. blogging.
    I think you should just above all do what you want though-- whether it's 'niche' blogging, or a little of everything. Whatever makes you comfortable, and happy, and makes you excited about blogging.
    When I think of the comm, you're one of the people that comes to mind, among others. You're a prominent blogging figure, Noor, and I know you might not think it, but trust me, you certainly 'fit in,' here. :3
    xx a

  2. I dont have a strict blog thing either. Im a lot like you in that, Ive always wanted to do that. to find my place. but I have so many interests and things I love that its almost impossible to keep it simple.

    so just be you. you dont need to fit some mold. you dont need to have a posting schedule or blog X amount of times a weeks. do what works for you. if you want to write a whole post on why you love the color blue, do a whole post on why you love the color blue. this is YOUR blog. we read because while yeah we enjoy your content, we mostly love you and the person you are. each post reveals a bit about you and how you see the world and I think thats what matters the most. I love blogging because of the community. you are a part of that community simply by being here.

    we love you <3 this slump shall pass.

  3. My blog is all over the place too, it's not just you. I'm sorry you feel this way... :C (I feel super awkward because the other comments are like paragraphes!!)

  4. Hey, Noor! You have a lovely blog. You have a lovely personality. It doesn't matter if you have a niche or not, and it doesn't matter if you stick to that niche. Blogging, as a hobby, is whatever you want it to be. I have a feeling you understand this, but still feel the way you do - that's usually how it goes. But truly, post what you feel like posting, when you feel like posting it. Try some Google searches. Browse and see if something catches your eye.

    You could post the exact same types of things as everyone else and still come out unique simply because of your personality and the unique way that every person does things. Whatever it is, just make sure you enjoy it. That's the biggie!

    Also, I run out of ideas really easily as well. Augh, it can be so annoying! So I do take a break every couple of months. 2-3 weeks at a time. It helps. I usually still don't have any new ideas when I come back, but I get back in the groove a lot easier. If I didn't take all those breaks, I'd burn myself out so fast!

    Sorry for the wall of text. :D

  5. Hey Noor!
    First thing I want to say is that as a reader, I really do like and enjoy reading your blog. To me the feel of you blog is always very positive and cheery. You and the posts you write are always very relatable and make me smile because they're not coming from some super stuffy famous person, but a girl who is, you know, human.
    I know how it feels not to click with the apparent jigsaw everyone seems to snap into place with. Like you try to fit into other spots in the puzzle but the satisfying click never comes. I know there's so much out there about "finding where you fit" but sometimes you have to make your own space, cut your own piece out of the puzzle.
    Blergh, suddenly that comment turned into a whole paragraph of deep god knows what, but fear not! I have some practical suggestions as well!
    I don't know if you would be comfortable with this (depends on you personally) but sharing some personal stories about your life, nothing too specific for privacy reasons if that concerns you but stories, feelings, experiences that I know I would like to read (In a kind way, not a creepy hedgehog way =P )
    I would also LOVE it if you posted some kind of blog format tutorials, coding, formats, ect because seriously girl, you're designs are BOSS!
    Just remember that while feeling comfortable feels nice and all, it is the times we struggle that make us improve.

    I would love it if you took a gander at me and my friend's little baby blog, it's not much yet but it would make my day if you clicked over and took a peek :)
    You're Just Right


    You're seriously such a talented blogger. I don't fit into any specific blogger category either (seriously the diversity of my content is absurd) and your content is super original in my view!! You're always coming up with new things!!

    Anyway seriously if you ever are in need of support or anything just email me and we can commiserate yay

  7. I quite like your blog noor! I think a break would be good to get those creative fluids flowing again. On my blog I'm don't really have a "niche" either (though then again that could be why I'm not popular). I think you're quite creative and have an awesome style!

  8. Noor-
    You're blog is absolutely lovely and relatable, just so you know, and practically the entire blogosphere loves you. I personally think that you have a great blog here.

    But I can understand that craving for improvement, for something new, and I think we all feel that sometimes. My advice to you would be to check out some other blogs, scroll through Etsy, browse Pinterest, check your Instagram feed, read some magazines, pick up new books, go to a museum, immerse yourself in inspiration. And then, once you feel like you're overflowing with creativity, don't let it fade, write it down, record it. Make a list of goals, compile a collage, make a new board on Pinterest. I've always found that seeing lots of great ideas helps me produce new ideas myself. Your blog is already an A+ in my opinion, but it seems like it needs something else to work for you. Try to inspire yourself, and remember not to compare your blog to others. You are doing this for YOU and nobody else, and that's the only way it's going to be fun. Good luck, I know that no matter what you do it will be amazing <3

  9. *reads all other comments on this post* CRAP how do I match those.
    I FEEL YOU BEING UNSURE OF NICHINESS THOUGH. I felt like my blog's all other the place-ness was stunting its growth, so at the beginning of this year I zeroed in more on reading and writing related things.
    WAIT WHAT??? I've always thought of you as being one of the most relevant bloggers in the comm - if anyone fits in/is successful, it's Noor. And if you want to do a survey, do a survey - surveys are really fun to fill out, trust me.
    I hope you get through this soon, babe <3

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  10. Noor, when you sent me that first email about swapping guest posts, I checked out your blog, and (like it is now) it was a mix of everything - your idols, photography, top 10s, book reviews and everything in between.

    Nothing has changed.

    And that's a good thing. My 'niche' has always been reviewing, but I begin to question why I don't do more fashion, rambles, rants etc.

    If blogging was like a competition in niches and content, I will be honest, yours wouldn't win for a Perfection and Ordered category, because it is just all over the place. However, it would definitely win for Relatableness and Quality of Post.

    Reread your latest posts, are they what you want to see on your blog. If not, what DO you want to see.

    If you had a break OF COURSE I would miss you, but if you want to it's fine and I cannot wait to see you come back with loads of cool new posts.

    Hope to see you back fully-inspired soon.

    - Your Best Blogger Friend,

  11. Hi Noor, I just want to remind you that you are a fabulous blogger, and I love how your blog posts are a mix of different things, and I'm sure that all of your others readers agree with that as well. What I mean is that your blog pretty much has something for everybody to enjoy, for example your fashion posts, books, music, DIY. That's what's great about it. I can't wait to see you back soon :D

  12. Relating to you. My blog is an all over the place life style thing.

  13. I feel the exact same way! My blog has no theme of any kind, and my post are sporadic at best. I have enjoyed all of your post that I have read so far so you must be doing something right.

  14. Every blogger relates. You are an amazing person Noor and your blog is beautiful.
    - Edie
    P.S - I tagged you for the text tag (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・✧

  15. Hi Noor,
    I felt the same way a few weeks back and I think its really important that you remember that you are an AMAZING blogger and that you should never forget that. My blog doesn't have a 'niche' either, hardly anyones does, and i think that you should just do what you want to do and I hope you have a nice break.

    xxx Rose

  16. You're such a fabulous person! I don't think anyone really NEEDS a niche to be able to 'fit in', of course a niche helps some people, but some people don't need one - they're absolutely fab on their own! (like your music taste! FAB FAB FAB) We all get times of not fitting in (hello? I'M THE QUEEN OF NOT HAVING MY ACT TOGETHER but ahem anyway), but you have so many friends in this community! :)


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