Pros and Cons of Reading Fast/Slow

I find that people think reading fast is a good thing. Which made me come to the realization that is reading fast really good? I mean, sure you get to read tons of books but I've learned from experience that there's cons to reading fast. And naturally, I compiled a pros and cons list, because these lists solve everything, naturally.

Reading Fast

-You get to read more books. This is definitely the main pro of being able to read fast as you can literally consume books which is always great, especially if you have a MONSTER TBR like me. Reading books fast opens up opportunities to read more books.

-You get to recommend more books. Read fast = review fast. You can get more people into the fandom, faster. Like yay right?


-You can read + do stuff. I don’t know about you but I have goals when I read? I’d be like “stopping at chapter 15 so I can play violin” (not saying I always follow these goals but.) and so reading fast can help you get through it (while enjoying.. hopefully?) And then you can get stuff done. Yay.  

-Sometimes you don’t understand? I’ll often read fast but then I’ll get to a point in the book and I’ll be like what. And then I’ll have to go again and read it again because I probably skimmed past a paragraph and that was an important paragraph and I read it too fast. You understand, just that feeling of confusion when something happens and you’re like “why?” “where?” “how?”

Can I give myself a challenge to see how many posts in a row can I put a Doctor Who gif in a post?

-You forget about the book faster. Sometimes if I finish a book in a day or two, I’ll forget about it easily, and I won’t be able to review it without the book. This also frustrates me because unless the book is like really good, I won’t remember it later in my life so I probably won’t give it as a recommendation to people, which is quite sad sometimes if the books are half decent.

-You don’t get as into the book. It takes me time to be with the book to really get into the book. Usually again, if I finish the book in like 1-2 days, I most likely won’t be as connected with the book and the characters which is quite sad, again.

Reading Slow

-You get to love the book. Countering one of the cons from fast reading, if you read slower, you can love the book. You can develop a relationship with a book, cherish it, love it as you read it slowly. The characters become your best friends. It’s nice all around. Unless the book sucks.

-You get to take in every single part of the book. Most likely, reading slow means that you read every word. And I find that wonderful, of course I don’t have the patience because if the paragraph has nothing somewhat exciting, I skim. This also means you understand more and you’re able to grasp more of the story. Which is also great all around. I applaud you if you do this, you are what I aspire to be.

I’ve decided not to put 3 pros here because these pros are worth at least 1.5. That and I can’t come up with another one bUt that does not mean fast reading is better since it has more cons, since these are worth 1.5, yes.
-Too many books to read. It piles up. You read slow, and your TBR just piles up. You just finished reading a book and BAM you have 100 new books on your TBR. (okay I’m exaggerating but for real too many books)

-It takes a lot of time. It takes you FOREVER to finish a chapter, which can honestly be annoying if you have more books you want to read and you can’t because you want to finish this book and it’s honestly just really annoying.

Only put two to be fair, we can count these as 1.5s too…

- - - - - - - 

So there was my first (real) post back from hiatus, hooray! i guess. I hope it helped somehow :) 

Do you read fast or slow? What are the pros and cons of your reading type? Add to my list!

Thanks for reading,


  1. I LOVE THIS POST!!! I am definitely a slow reader, ugh. My TBR list shows it!


    1. Thank you Abi! TBRs are just a messy, yet great situation. What do we do with them, what do we do without them?

  2. I'm kinda both actually it really depends on the book. These are so accurate!

    1. Same pretty much, I think it just depends on my mood that time of reading. Thanks for the comment Skye!

  3. I am such a slow reader! As you said, being a slow reader can be annoying because of all the other books waiting TBR... Anyway, I love this post!
    -Elsa :)

  4. I read fairly quickly, but my TBR pile is still giant because I read reeeeeally long books.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  5. Omg. You took the words (and the pros and the cons) right out of my mouth, Noor. You hit it spot on! I'm an extremely slow reader, and I was always thinking how great it would be if I read faster so that I could get to more books (which, by the way, at least when it comes to my TBR your 100 number is definitely not an exaggeration).

    I mean, I've just finished a 15-book series that I was rereading; it took me around two years to finish. Granted, that's with a few months of breaks in there, but.. you know. Sheesh. I agree so much, though - I love really getting into the stories I read, and reading slow is great for that. Guess it's a tradeoff.. :)

  6. I'm definitely a fast reader and everyone of the those points are relatable, especially having to go back and read a paragraph and forgetting the book!

    x rose

  7. I'm a fast reader and here are some cons:

    -reading in groups and finishing the book straight away
    -borrowing books at the library or buying a bunch of books and then finishing them straight away.
    i really liked this post and agree with it!

  8. Aaaaah I love this post and the gifs made me smile literally 💕💕
    I like to read series fast but sometimes take my times with books too 📖

  9. Im a medium reader? When the book gets intense then the chapters are flying. When it is the start it read slow to visualise the characters.

  10. I am definitely a fast reader, I TOTALLY GET WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT MISSING IMPORTANT DETAILS WHEN YOU SKIM-READ, I went through a whole book thinking a character was human, when they were a dog (a lot made sense when I found out lol)

  11. Hi, I am not a fast reader because I have dylsexia. Most books I read with the help of my daisy player. I read a lot but not really paper books. I should read more real books but it is so difficult. I practice every day, but I prefer to listen to books. My favorite books: books by John Flanagan.

  12. This is such a great post! I read really fast, but I end up missing a lot of things, so I'm starting to try and slow down a bit ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  13. Hey Noor! I'd say I'm a pretty fast reader. Awesome list :)

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  14. It all depends on the book. For me, if I'm LOVING the book I'm reading, I speed through it. Once I read a book that was over 400 pages a day because I really adored it. I remember this book that took me about a week and a half to get through, though, (that's really slow for me) and I wasn't enjoying the book at all. :P

    ~Lydia~ <3

  15. I can't help read books fast as I always look forward to finding out what is happening next so it's a bad habit because of this but I tend to reread my books so there has been many times where I have understood better the second time.

    Meme xx

    New Post:
    A Day In The Life Of London

  16. Great post! I tend to be in the middle on reading speed. I can zip through some (especially earlier in life) and I have to trudge through others. Having experienced basically everything you mentioned, I agree with all of it! Reading slow/er/ is nice because I get more out of it, but I still tend to forget things really fast :( Reading fast is nice, because I've got a life outside of books (what?!) and lots more waiting! I gotta say, though, I've had to teach myself to read slower still when editing, because I have to be on the lookout for e.ver.y.thing. D: But I will probably never ever forget those books.

  17. I read rather slowly, and yes, I feel those cons for sure! I have such a huge TBR. I'll come home from the library with 7 or 10 books and by the due date I'll have only read one. *cries* But I like to absorb the characters and the atmosphere. Also, when things start getting tense, I tend to put the book down several times because I FEAR FOR THE CHARACTERS' LIVES! That, and I do like to do other stuff too. Like you said, there are other goals in life than just conquering Mount TBR. Hard to believe, I know. But there is the truth of it. XD


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