Pintertest: DIY Wall Art

Hello everyone! I saw a lot of comments on my last post on Nanowrimo asking the following questions, so let me answer them:

Is it too late to join Nanowrimo?
Nope! You will have to put more effort into it but you should be fine :)

Can you join in the UK?
I'm actually not sure, I bet you can though!

Now to the post! A couple of days ago, I saw this pretty awesome pin on Pinterest:

Tape painting: Here is how we did it:  - bought a big canvas and sprayed it metalic gold (2 layers)  - added a pattern using washi / masking tape  - painted the shapes using different colors acrylic paint  - gently remove the tape
credit not found

Pretty cool huh? So I decided to try this for myself.

-One big sheet of paper or blank canvas.

STEP 1: Putting the Tape On

So get your paper and tape and start putting pieces of tape everywhere to create geometric shapes, big or small!

STEP 2: Start Painting!

Now grab your paints and, paint! It's okay if you get it on the tape, that's what it's for!

STEP 3: Rip off the tape.
This is where patience comes in handy. Being me, I just ripped the tape right off, not going slowly and some of the paper went with the tape. AHH! I had to fix it with more paint. D:
STEP 4: Display!
(Sorry for picture quality, bad lighting) Now show off that baby!
If you do this project, be sure to send me a pic on Instagram or Google Plus! I hope you enjoyed today's Pintertest!
Have you ever tried any Pintertests before? Did they go as planned, or fail?
Mkay bye,


  1. That looks awesome! :)

    xoxo Morning

  2. Awesome post Noor!!!! :) I should make this!

  3. It's GORGEOUS! It is a rainy day today, so I will maybe try this!

    I NEED to get Pinterest soon.

    By the way, I have a Typeform survey on my blog, so please check it out! ;)

    1. BTW. If you have done the survey already, it hasn't come up, so please redo it!

  4. My try of this is on google+

  5. This looks amazing! Thank you for sharing the tutorial ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  6. cute post! love the colors you chose ♥



  7. ah, these are pretty! i actually have a whole list of stuff to try but haven't gotten around to yet. but one day! well done :)

  8. This looks amazing - yours seems to have turned out better than mine ever would! A lovely post idea too...

    Pinterest is always raved about, maybe I should try it?

    Kate x


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