When D Strikes/Chapters 7-8

Hello everyone! A lot of people have been asking what happened to Chelsea, so here goes!

Chapter 7

“Where, where am I?” Chelsea whispered. She looked around the room, of course, like she guessed, it was pitch black.

“Shh, it’s okay Chelsea, you’re fine. Just cooperate with us, and you’ll be sent back. We have your friends, they’re fine too.” a voice said, most likely her kidnapper.

“Are you D?” she said

“No, but you’ll meet D, soon enough.” The person smiled. He flipped a switch and a bright light shone down at Chelsea’s face, revealing the person’s face.

He had brown hair, green eyes, a face similar to Dani’s, and a big flashy grin resembling Dani’s “Get my way” smile.

Dani’s brother? Chelsea thought. No no, can’t be, Dani doesn’t have a brother. Or does she?

“So who are you, D’s friend or something? Are you the only one?” Chelsea asked. The guy’s smile turned into a deep frown. He stared at the floor.

“No, far from friend, I was one of you. D’s victim. But I befriended D, or at least tried to, to you know, get out of my deal, but D just made me a worker. Yeah, I’m the only one here, D hasn’t blackmailed that many people, but when D does, it’s big.” the guy said, keeping his eyes glued on the floor.

“So, you’ve been here since then? What about your family and friends?” Chelsea asked, starting to feel bad for the guy.

“Family, friends? I have none. I’m an orphan. I ran away from the orphanage, and D found me. D used me for information, just like D is going to use you. But enough of that, I’m not supposed to be your friend. So stay still and don’t talk.” The guy said looking up at Chelsea with a firm look on his face.

“Use me? What information does D want?” Chelsea said, confused.

“Let’s just say, D and Dani don’t exactly get along, D needs information against Dani. D wants to punish Dani.”

“Okay hold on what? D has Dani right here. He, er, she, whatever, you know what I mean. D can just punish Dani here. Second, D is going to punish Dani by doing the exact same thing Dani does, blackmail!”

“You don’t know what Dani does, she tortures people, not just mentally, but physically. Do you know who Dani really is? Do you know what she really did? She’s a criminal, she needs to be stopped. And so does D. D and Dani go way back, they have been enemies for a long time.” BEEP BEEP. The watch on the guy’s wrist started blinking.

“Alright, time to meet D.” the guy says smiling. “Good luck. If you try anything fishy, you’ll end up like me.”

“One more thing. If D and Dani go way back, D’s probably only like 15! How does D do all this? ” Chelsea asked.

“D and Dani might have been criminals, but they’re geniuses too. They have their ways.” 


Chapter 8

“Right this way.” The guy said holding out his arm “Remember, don’t talk unless D tells you to, and don’t tell anyone D’s identity. D will know, and D will NOT like it.”

“Can you at least tell me your name?” Chelsea asked.

“Fine, since you will most likely never see me again, the name’s Jamie. Now come on.”

Jamie pushed Chelsea into a bright-lit room. She squinted and walked over to a black table. She sat down at one of the chairs and started tapping her fingers at the table.

A couple of minutes later, a figure walked into the room. It was a girl, and Chelsea assumed she was one of D’s associates.

Wait. She thought. D doesn’t have any other associates besides Jamie, so this must be..

“Ah, if it isn’t the famous Chelsea! Welcome to my…um….station! I’m D, as you probably already know.”

“So you’re a girl!” Chelsea blurted out. She immediately covered her mouth with her hands. That was a rude statement, even to a blackmailer criminal.

Jamie stared at Chelsea in anger.

“What are you doing?” he muttered, gritting his teeth.

“It’s alright Jamie, she’ll learn. Now, let’s talk about me, shall we!” D said smiling

Wow, D is pretty self-centered. Of course she is, she’s a blackmailer! Chelsea thought.

“What’s a criminal without a backstory? Right, Jamie?” Jamie nodded quickly.

“You’re probably wondering about me and Dani, right?” D asked.

Chelsea nodded. “You’re allowed to talk, you know.”

“Oh great thanks, didn’t know that.” Chelsea said sarcastically. She widened her eyes and turned red.

“I thought you learned not to talk to me like that! Alright no matter, let’s continue.” D said. “Me and Dani, the best of friends in middle school, 6th grade. We were the sweetest children, never broke any rules. Until 7th grade, when Mandy Walkenburg came along. She was evil, pure evil, and ripped our lives apart. Then, Dani and I decided that we should do something. So, we fought back. We ripped her life apart, and it felt good. We gained other people’s trust and ripped it up and flat-out blackmailed them.”

“Why? Why would you do that?” Chelsea asked confused.

“We had problems in our own life, I was an orphan who got abused by my foster parents, and Dani had problems with her family. She never really told me much, but I didn’t care. And it was fun, we liked the control.”

“Well, what happened?” Chelsea asked, intrigued by the crazy backstory.

“A boy. It’s always a boy. Andrew Fuller. He was awesome. We fought over him and ended up blackmailing each other. Mandy ended up getting him anyways. We went our separate ways. Dani apparently, ended up shoplifting. And me? I just stayed here, doing nothing.”

“Alright, so why do you need me?” Chelsea asked.

“You know more about Dani than anyone else. Even more than me. Even more than her other group friends. I need your secrets.”

“But, why? Are you trying to blackmail someone else?” Chelsea asked.

“I’m trying to blackmail Dani into coming back with me. Temporarily, at least.” D said.

“But why? I have a right to know why! If it’s a big enough deal, Dani will just come back! Plus she’s right here, in your station. I SAW HER!”

“You don’t really know Dani, do you? She’s stubborn. She’ll probably want to defeat this force by herself. And that was a holograph that we used to blackmail you.” D said shaking her head.

“WHAT FORCE!!! I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!” Chelsea yelled.

“Ok CALM DOWN!” D yelled back. “A group of girls in town knows us. They know what we did. They have everything. I need Dani to find out who they are, and what they know. They’ll try to blackmail us, but with Dani, that’s not going to work out.”

“So what if they tell everyone! Blackmailing isn’t a crime, is it?”

“It is. And we did worse. We hacked, and stole. We could go to juvy. What we did was bad. I can’t risk that leaking out and ruining our lives.”

“I think you deserve it.” Chelsea said.

“Remember, if you don’t cooperate, I reveal your secret.”

“But if I don’t cooperate, your secret is revealed, and that’s much bigger than mine. I could just say, that you and Dani blackmailed me and everyone would believe me.”
"But I'll keep you trapped and you won't be able to eat or drink."
"Okay, fair enough, lead the way."
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  1. Blackmailing... oh my gosh, that sounds harsh! DX I totally get the thing about the blogging slump, though-- hope everything gets better. :)

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thanks Morning, I'll probably get over it soon. (Hopefully D:)

  2. Good writing!!!! XD YES I GET YA WITH THE BLOGGING SLUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amelie // Contented Perfectionist {}

    1. Thanks Amelie!! It really sucks doesn't it!

  3. Woah... so much happened. It's escalating really quickly!

  4. These are such great chapters! And I've totally been in the same blogging situation, I hope that it all goes well ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  5. Wow, this is getting good! And Noor It seems like you haven't been looking at my blog! :'(!! I would love it if you did I have 3 new posts! Also I have been having a bit of bloggers block too! Don't worry it isn't just you!

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  6. Things are getting interesting! :) Blackmail, huh?
    About your blogger's block: don't sweat it. I haven't posted in nearly 2 weeks because of it. I think it's just a phase, I'm going through it right now. :P Just try to take a little break and try to find inspiration, you should be fine. :)


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