Last Post: I'm Deleting The Blog

Hello everyone. I know, you must be like WHAT? But yeah, I'm deleting the blog. Let me explain in a second.

I feel like no one cares about this blog. So what's the point of blogging? Okay, this is my last post. Don't try to convince me.

Goodbye blogging world, it was fun, while it lasted.

But before I go, I just wanted to say one more thing. April Fools.

Did I get you? Haha, alright let's get into the real post. I'll be sharing some fun April Fpp;s pranks that you can try!!

1. Blocking out the remote.
If your family is TV crazy like mine, you can take a piece of tape and put it on the front of the remote, so that the remote doesn't work until you take the piece of tape off.
This is a fun prank to do to watch your parents or siblings go crazy when they try to use the remote.
Bonus: if your parents/siblings ask you to try it, you can sneakily take the piece of tape off of the remote and then it will work like normal so that they will think you're some sort of wizard or genius.
2. Replacing toothpaste with cream cheese
Give a little breakfast in bed to your siblings or parents by making a bagel with cream cheese. Add a little toothpaste to one of the bagels for a minty taste!
Make sure that you don't add too much toothpaste, otherwise it could be a health hazard. Don't be too pushy for them to eat it, they might get a little bit suspicious.
3. Changing the language on someone's device
If you ever get ahold of someone's device, you can go to settings and change the language. It's better to do it on an older person's device, since they most likely don't know much about electronics.
Then, if you want to, you can text or call and say April Fools! and then give directions on how to change it back.
4. Switching around someone's clothes in their drawers.
When I go to get ready, I usually just drift off and pull things off the hangers because I know exactly where everything is.
A good way to prank someone (or me) is to switch the shorts around with the jeans or something like that. It will only work for lazy people who never pay attention, but nowadays, that's like everyone.
5. Replacing conditioner with lotion.
Oh yeah, somebody pranked me with this one once. They look exactly the same and feel almost the same, so you shouldn't really have a problem.
Although, I'm not sure if lotion is actually good for the hair, because you might be doing that person a favor...
6. Telling people that you're deleting your blog.
This will probably work! Unless they read my blog, then probably not. But still, it would be funny, and slightly heartbreaking.
APRIL FOOLS! I told you there would be 10, but there's only 6, ha! That and I can't come up with anything else.
Well, I hope you enjoyed today's post and that you don't hate me forever now.
Do you have any April Fools pranking stories? Share them down below!
Mkay bye,


  1. Wow! You got me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was waiting for someone to do this. I knew it couldn't be true, and if you did try and quit I'd just start a petition on something to get you back to blogging. Great post by the way, I might try the remote one.

    1. Haha same! I saw no one did this and I was like HMMMM. If you did that, i would probably keep the blog, no matter how many signatures you got. :D

  3. These are really good!
    Unfortunately, I can't keep a straight face when trying to pull a prank. Like, my entire face turns bright red while my family stares at me, as if I've gone off the deep end. <3

    1. Haha thanks!! I used to do the same thing but then I learned how to keep a straight face :P

  4. I was so scared for a minute! But this is a really good post ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  5. Wow, I got scared that you were really deleting your blog!!! Whew, I am so happy that was a joke!

  6. Oh my goodness, Noor, you SCARED me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *takes a few deep breaths*

    Good ideas ;)

    This morning I put a very real looking, rubber egg in the egg carton, and my mom was fooled. She took it out to make scrambled eggs, not knowing that it was not real! :D But she did figure it out eventually (don't worry, no burning rubber).

    One of my friends also gave out "yummy jelly beans", and, yeah, they were bean boozled beans. She also gave out "brownies". they turned out to be BROWN Es. April Fools day is her favourite day of the year, in case you haven't already caught on ;)

    Whew. Wow, Noor, seriously, YOU SCARED ME!!!!!!! Goodness.

    Amelie // Contented Perfectionist {}

    1. Hehe I'm evil. >:D That's a funny prank!!

  7. No no no don't scare me like that! :) For an April Fool's prank I took videos of my friends eating yesterday and then DMed them on Instagram, saying, "Look at this fine video!" I'm so bad on pranks on prank days... XD

    xoxo Morning

    1. Haha I would like die if you did that to me! But I do the same don't worry :D

  8. You got me! Darn. :')
    But yeah, sweet post! The remote one also works with mouses (putting tape on red blinky thing on mouse) which disables it.

    1. Yeah I've done that one before!! My mom almost threw the mouse across the room XD

  9. Hey, I did a similar post. Very nice and creative pranks, I will definitely try them out and use "belated April Fool's" as an excuse...

    Well, I filled a bowl halfway up with water and put it in the freezer, and left it overnight (I made preparations ehehe). In the morning I poured some milk over it and sprinkled some cornflakes over it, then gave it to my sister. She broke the spoon...heh.


  10. I don't remember the pranks I pulled on 1st April :P
    This one was good..closing the blog one :P

  11. Noor that was such a good prank lol in my mind i was like ' omg i can't belive she's deleting her blog it was so popular!' and when you said it was a prank i was like phew. When you said ' i feel like no one cares about my blog' i was like what in the world loads of people care! Good one Noor good one. Nice ideas! That was hillarious...

    1. Lol thanks!! It doesn't really matter if my blog is popular though. I would have thought that people would have thought: "She's deleting? Wow but she really loved blogging?" But that's cool too :P

  12. NOORRRRR!!!!! Why did you scare me like this! I was reading this post on the 2nd of April, and I didn't even notice you posted it on the 1st! I REALLY TRULY THOUGH YOU WERE LEAVING! D:

    Good one ;)

    Love all the ideas. The toothpaste one reminds me of the trick my sister played on my dad. We had some leftover wasabi from sushi and she mixed it up with some toothpaste, and it was super hilarious!! (If you don't know what wasabi is, it is this really spicy green paste!) Love all the good ideas haha!
    Mae :)

    1. Hehe thanks, I'm evil, I know :P. I feel bad for your dad!! I played the toothpaste prank on my dad :D

  13. Noor, you know Emily the author from My Life As A Pre Teen Dork her blog has been deleted :0
    :0 :0 :0

    1. Yeah I know. She moved it. It's now: :)

  14. Lol I knew it was an April Fool's joke the moment I saw the title ;)

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  15. 😫 You scared the life out of me, Noor! Nice one!
    (On a side note, please don't ever delete your blog.)

  16. I fell for it xD As soon as I saw the blog intro in my feed, I panicked and was thinking about spamming your instagram while I read the rest of the post.
    I really like the remote idea! Except I don't really have a tv in my house xD


  18. You really scared me there!

    Awesome ideas, I tend to go down the boring route with holes in straws or switching sugar for salt...I ought to be more adventerous like you!

    Kate x

  19. Oh wow Noor!
    You scared me! but that's SUCH i great April fools joke!! :D
    I LOVE your blog i got the inspiration for my blog from yours!
    Check my blog out i only have two posts but whatever!


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