I'm Taking A Blogging Break

Hello everyone. If you've read the title of this post, you must be like WAT. And it's true, I will be taking a 1-2 week long break. Read on to hear why.

The ideas haven't been really been flowing, I just have a bad case of writers block. I really want to be able to write quality posts for you guys instead of crappy ones, that are on time.

I won't be deleting the blog, I'll come back and be the same, fresh with new ideas!

I just need a little breather and I'll be fine, the same old Noor!

I also feel like no one really reads my posts anymore and that makes me sad :(

I just want to say, I love you all (not in a weird way or anything :P) and I will never leave the blog, just a break.

See you in 1-2 weeks, don't lose faith! I will come back, promise! I'll still be commenting on blogs and all that, don't worry.

Plus, I feel like I'm not in the mood to blog anymore, and after the breather, I hopefully will be.

Mkay bye,


  1. Aww, I'm sad you're taking a blogging break, but if it means that you'll come back with fresh ideas and being inspired, then that's all right! I'm kind of writing something for Monday's post, about possibly the drainage of inspiration, and maybe if you had the time you could read it!

    xoxo Morning

  2. I've been having the same problems, Noor! I feel for ya, and by the way I LOVE your posts and your lovely blog! <3 Looking forward to your return:)


    Lol, just wanted you to feel better :) hope the blogging break energizes you! I took one (I basically just didn't post and didn't warn anyone) and it energized me, too.

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  4. I read your posts Noor!

  5. Looking forward to seeing those fresh ideas!
    And also NOO your readers love your blog (like me)! I still read it :)

  6. Aw, I'm super sorry that this happened. Writer's block really sucks. If you ever need idea's or blogger help, please email me. Hope to see you soon blogger bestie! :)

  7. Good luck Noor; hope your blogging break works!

    Also, you might just wanna change your design once you're back- maybe you also have a case of need-a-new-blog-design-need-to-change-things-up? You could just keep the name & change the look of it.

    Finally, just want to remind you that you have 69 followers (for a reason)!


  8. Awww, Noor! We love you too (not in a weird way or anything :P), and we love your posts! Don't worry, and I hope your blogging break does the trick! :)

  9. That's okay, we'll be waiting! I still love you Noor! (not in a creepy weird way lol)

  10. Awww I hope you post soon : (
    I loved the D strikes story I hope you continue it also remember your blog is awesome

  11. I understand - sometimes stepping away from something will help get inspiration. When I'm working on a story and get stuck at a part, it's generally best to not think about it for a while. Then the ideas come! :) Don't feel pressured to come back before you're ready.

    - Ellie

  12. Sometimes it's best to take a little break and when you come back you're extra inspired - so don't worry about taking some time off! I'm sure you'll come back with some great content!

    Claire // Technicolour Dreamer

  13. Hey Noor
    I totally understand and respect your decicion I can't wait to see you back with fresh ideas x

    my web address

  14. Noor, I'm 11, like you and I really like your posts. It's such a shame that your taking a blogging break, I want to hear more from you and maybe some advice. Maybe I could get your email or something?? I dunno, but I hope you do continue.
    I hope your break works as well,


  15. I imagine you'll come back kicking, like an eager butterfly with legs, out of a really tough chrysalis. Lol. I'll be waiting for your return obviously not in a creepy way, but in more of an enthusiastic non stalkerish way. And no matter how many people seem to be reading your blog just remember that sometimes it just takes a while for people to get time to read your post.

  16. Aww, I hope that all goes well! And just so you know, there are tons of people out there who read your posts and love them ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  17. Noor! I read your blog a lot! I do understand that you need a break! It is fine!! I hope it helps!
    -Lauryn (

  18. The same thing is happening with me. I'm also having a lot of stressful moments in my non-blogging life so I can't keep up with my blog or giving my readers great posts.
    By the way, you still have an AMAZING blog!

  19. " Who cares if you have 4 followers or 400 followers, well you shouldn't! Blog for happiness, not for fame." - Noor

  20. Aww, Noor I'll miss you! But if you're coming back with new and fresh citrusy (wait, a little weird to put that anyway) ideas then great! Come back soon! I can't wait to read what you've got coming up! Xoxo


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