Symptoms That You're In A Fandom

Hello everyone! Sorry that I didn't post yesterday. I was busy and in an emotional breakdown stage because I just finished the Death Cure. "Please, Tommy, please." WHY. So it inspired me to write this post today. Alright, let's get started!

I know, I'm 11, and I'm not supposed to feel these feelings and think this way about books but c'mon, they shouldn't put these books in the "Kids/Tweens" section of the store if they don't want us to read them.

Also, Harry Potter and Doctor Who are actually directed towards kids so just saying.

1. You get seriously irritated whenever says or pronounces something wrong.

A basic text conversation would go something like this:

Stupid Muggle: Hey how's it going!
Doctor Who fangirl (me): Nothin really, just watching TV.
Stupid Muggle: Oh yeah, do you still watch that show, Dr.Who?
Doctor Who fangirl (me): *gets irritated but politely corrects* Do you mean Doctor Who?
Stupid Muggle: Sorry! Whoops! Isn't about that alien guy called Doctor Who who travels around in that Turdis thing.
Doctor Who fangirl (me): WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY

So yeah, you can't call yourself a Whovian if you've said/texted "Dr.Who" or called the Doctor, Doctor Who. Its just not right. And I know some "Whovians" who've done this.

(Real life friends and bloggers! I think you know who you are.)

2. When your OTP gets destroyed in the next book/movie/episode.
Me when I thought Hagustus would turn out great:

Me: flips through TFIOS laughing and daydreaming
Very Unaware Of What's Going To Happen Next Me: HAGUSTUS I SHIP IT
Me getting suspicious: Wait what? Augustus is gonna die? Nah, John Green wouldn't do that
Me at the end of the book: WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY
Me closing the book: Be right back, I gotta go torture John Green.

3. You cry over one little word.

TFIOS: *someone says okay* *entire TFIOS fandom starts crying and drawing clouds.*
Maze Runner: *someone says please* *entire TMR fandom starts screaming "NEWT NO"*
Harry Potter: *someone says Always* *entire HP fandom says "AFTER ALL THIS TIME."*

4. You know everything about that certain band, person, tv show, movie, book, etc
If there was a test on that fandom, you'd ace it with an A+++++++++++
That's me with HP. I've spend hours on Pinterest looking up Harry Potter Facts.

It's an unhealthy obsession, but it keeps your life complete.

5. You have a lot of merchandise from that fandom. A LOT.

My room is a shrine dedicated to books, not even kidding. The minute you walk in, you're ambushed by posters and bobbleheads and all that crazy stuff.

Someone I know wrote one chapter of Mockingjay on her wall. She's commited.

Bonus: One Little Pet Peeve Of Mine

When someone says their in a fandom, but really, are not. And you can tell.

Sample conversations:

Fall Out Boy fan: Hey, you like that band FOB?
Stupid Muggle: Yeah!
FOB fan: What's your favorite song by them?
Stupid Muggle: Um, I like all of them!
FOB fan: Right, yeah. Who's your favorite band member?
Stupid Muggle: Um, I'm not sure....

Doctor Who:  (based off of an email conversation I had with a blogger)
Stupid Muggle: *has never talked about DW ever with me or anyone else*
Me: Hey you like that show DW?

Stupid Muggle: Yeah!!
Me: Cool! Favorite Doctor?
Stupid Muggle: *chooses Doctor that she's heard of* I like 10.
Me: Cool! Do you ship 10-Donna?
Stupid Muggle: Um, yeah.

Alright that's enough for today! I hope you enjoyed today's post and I'll see you on Monday with a book review!!

What fandoms are you in?

Mkay bye,


  1. Okay so I'm not in official FOB fandom, it's more of a "secondhand fandom"--like I know that Pete Wentz is life and if anyone tries to talk to me while I'm listening to Centuries or American Beauty/American Psycho then they will get smacked--but I can't lie and say I'm an official hardcore FOB fan because I don't want you to hurt me haha

    O | Home

  2. Oh. My gosh. I totally agree with everything you just said. Especially the Doctor Who parts. I am a HUGE whovian. Best fandom eveeeer!!


  3. "Stupid Muggle" made me laugh so much. :') genius post. Also, Turdis? REALLY?
    Once I met a fall out boy fangirl who only listened to one of the think they were raving about them being a hardcore fob fan.
    Great post! As ALWAYS. ;6

  4. I wouldn't call people who aren't in your fandom stupid. It's just that there are so many fandoms that some one will always end up in one, one way or the other. Maybe the person who's not in the DW fandom is in the Sherlock fandom and someone who's not in the Harry Potter fandom is in the Supernatural fandom. There's just a really wide diversity of fandoms but that doesn't mean you can diss them off for not being in yours.
    I personally ship 10xRose and 11xClara and I found MickeyxMartha absolutely adorable. River is just too amazing but she doesn't seem to really match with 11.

    1. Yes! 10xRose!! Yes!! I've travelled the whole of space and time looking for somebody who agrees with me! (excuse my overwhelming outburst of sudden excitement)


    2. 10xRose is my OTP FOREVER!!!

  5. This is such a great post! I agree with all of these ♥
    Happy Easter!
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  6. I relate to the Fall Out Boy example on a spiritual level. It's great if you like their music, but don't say you're in the fandom if you don't know who makes the music you love so much. :P
    Great post; loved all of it. ^-^

  7. I know exactly how you feel about fandoms-- there was this one guy I was talking to about Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Narnia, and Warriors, and when another person passed by and said, "Um, no, gosh, fangirls are so emotional," I wanted to throw my spikes (shoes with sharp spikes used for running) at them. YOU DO NOT INSULT THE FANDOM, MUGGLE. SNAPE IS JUDGING YOU. I felt the same way as you reacted to TFIOS when I read all of the books in the Lunar Chronicles.

    Oh, and the Death Cure! I thought that Thomas would end up with *insert name here* but she *insert hoe she died here* *random insertions of Morning's actions and thoughts in third person to protect greedy eyes from spoilers*

    xoxo Morning

  8. This post kind of made me feel insulted because I don't like Doctor Who. But please don't take that the wrong way, you're still one of my fav bloggers!

  9. Let me be honest I've never in my life been in a fandom


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