five reasons why i despise writing reviews

I don't post a lot of reviews on here. Primarily because I HATE writing them.

Ok. Not HATE, but a strong dislike. Sometimes they can be fun, but a lot of things bring down my review writing experience. 

YES these are completely valid reasons shut up


I constantly have to refer back to the book

I do not have a great memory. It takes me a solid 10 minutes to remember what I had for dinner last night. And I usually write reviews 4-5 days after I read the book, because I'm strange. 

I forget like the entire plot of the book I'm reviewing.

I don't mind flipping through the book to remember parts, but sometimes I run out of points so I actually have to read over large sections of the book to remember what I wanted to say. TOO TEDIOUS 4 M3

I know I could a) write the review earlier or b) write down points as I read, but I will not change.

Worrying about the length of the review

Sometimes I read through those large sections and still have nothing and my review is so small that if it were food, it would be too small for a mouse to eat. I sit there, looking at my three short paragraph review and bang my head against the table because I couldn't possibly put this up.

AND THEN sometimes I read through those large sections and have way too much. My review comes out to be like a Potions essay that Hermione would read. I mean, if I were a reader, I would not take the time to read that. 

WHAT IS THE PERFECT REVIEW LENGTH. book gods pls tell me

Reviews for one book are almost all the same 

A popular book that everyone in the book world has read and heard about and loved has a lot of good reviews, and they're often the exact same. 

Take Carry On by Rainbow Rowell (one of my fave books), it's clear why the book is FANTASTIC, so all reviewers address it. And then all the reviews are the same. And then it's boring. 

How does one make it different? I know 845957 thousand other people said that bUT I NEED TO SAY IT TOO. gah

how i feel reading a review identical to mine


Some people write killer reviews. Like reviews that make me laugh and genuinely want to keep reading. Reviews that give an honest and captivating opinion instead of just a recap of the plot.

Sadly, I am not one of those people. I cannot write an interesting review to save the life of me. No matter the length, if I were a reader, I would not read my review all the way through.


book gods pls help me

I have an irrational fear of people vehemently opposing my review and hating me

Book reviews are opinionated. Which means 80% of the time (20% is a review for a 5 star book that everyone except for a few heartless demons loved ((yes these are accurate stats)) people will disagree with you. I'm totally okay with that, it's expected.

But every time I post a review, I sit in agony waiting for someone to scream ARE YOU STUPID YOU ARE SO WRONG I AM COMING TO KILL U >:( at me and stalk me for life. ok maybe not THAT bad but STILL. it could happen. probably not. but what if.

Do you like or hate writing reviews? What about reading reviews? How long do you think reviews should be?

peace out y'all,


  1. I relate so much to this, I just finished a book that is getting good reviews and I didn't like it and now I have to write a review and possibly get murdered.

  2. Oh my goodness. You are never ever going to believe me but last night my mom and I were talking, and she asked me if I wrote book reviews for my blog... I told not really because, well, I couldn't really think of an answer? I just knew I didn't like writing reviews and I think the reasons change over time: "I don't have enough critiquing knowledge" or "I'm a slow reader" or "No one wants to read a review of a book everyone has read".

    But while those reasons are still there, your post actually helped me realize why, exactly, I just don't like writing reviews! The main one being I FORGET THINGS FAR TOO EASILY AS WELL! It's in insane. And if I write reviews, I'll want a notebook beside me at all times or a packet of sticky tabs on hand to mark probably every page I read. AND THAT WILL JUST LOSE TO WHOLE PURPOSE OF READING FOR ME. I like to be relaxed while I read.

    Anywho. I practically just wrote you a blog post in that reply but yeah, I totally 100.9% relate to this post. Thank you. Good day!

    xx Kenzie

  3. I CAN'T WRITE REVIEWS FOR LIFE AND THIS IS SO WHY. Like actually though. I used to have some reviews on my blog and I like product reviews but my book reviews are the worst. Everything you listed is so why!! Also just wanted to mention I love your blog and blog design WHICH IS BEAUTIFUL. :) :)

  4. the last point = very relatable. i tend to dislike most popular books (i'm not trying to sound like a hipster or something, i just generally don't like them that much) and i feel like i'm going to get attacked for writing unimpressed reviews.

    xo loren

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