fourteen bookish confessions from yours truly. (it's about to get real)

HELLO EVERYONE!! Sorry for the week hiatus :0 Last weekend was so intense for me I did not have time to churn out a post.. but here I am.. back again with some..

#BOOKISHCONFESSIONS or kind of because I didn't even realize that I do these things. Like of course I was aware, but I wasn't aware of how appalling they are.

one - i speak to myself as i read

This is one of the things that I didn't actually realize I did until my mom pointed it out to me the other day. 

You know how people will say they're screaming about a book? YEAH I'M ACTUALLY SCREAMING. i think i am insane

Common things you will hear Noor say as she reads: "Are you kidding me right now?" "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH WHAT." "Wait huh I gotta go back." "THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE." "I need to write that down RIGHT NOW."

And most frequently: "AAAAAAAAAAAAA"

two - i mark down an unnecessary amount of quotes

During my recent reread of Cassandra Clare's the Shadowhunters Chronicles, I decided to do something new and mark down my favorite quotes on my phone.

Let's just say half of the damn series is on my phone right now.

I MARKED DOWN EVERYTHING. For City of Heavenly Fire, I had 270 quotes written down, which was about a quote per two pages. WHAT WHAT WHAT.

Granted this makes it extremely difficult to write my review because I have a JUMBLE OF QUOTES.

I could probably start like a book quote library or something.

three - i pin the strangest things on pinterest for my aesthetic boards

One of the things I have been obsessed with is making character aesthetic boards on Pinterest (if you follow me you know all about this), which results in me pinning the strangest things.

"I wonder why Noor is pinning a picture of blood coming out of fangs? Ah. For her Simon Lewis board of course."

This goes on my list of reasons why everyone thinks I'm insane.


I wrote a post two months ago about how I hated reviews but now.. OOPS?? CONFLICTING

I've been taking the time to write LEGIT REVIEWS which take like 2 1/2 hours to write but IT'S ALWAYS SO WORTH IT and it's fun.

Perhaps it's only for books I really enjoyed?? I don't see myself spending two hours on a negative review unless it was really bad.

five - sometimes i feel like just.. not blogging

Look, I said we were getting real. 

I get so scared sometimes because what if people don't like my blog? What if my posts are dumb? WHAT IF I SOUND DUMB??? it's wild up in that strange brain of mine.

And sometimes it gets a lot so I just want to give up.

BUT I WOULDN't. because i love all my friends and everyone so much and it's fun so I'M HERE TO STAY.

you can't get rid of me that easily muahahaha

six - i am a perfectionist.. with everything

EVERYTHING HAS TO BE PERFECT. ALWAYS. the pictures the review the spelling EVERYTHING. I drive myself insane sometimes.

not sometimes. always. Everything is overthought and I'm sitting here across the table from myself lecturing myself while also crying because I am yelling at me. That sentence made so much sense.

the only thing i'm not perfect with is capitalization. 

seven - goodreads scares the hell outta me

I LOVE GOODREADS. I do, it's a lot of fun, and I've been getting better with it and making new friends but I STILL DON'T GET IT ENTIRELY.

for one: How do you reply to your DAMN COMMENTS?????? It drives me crazy that I can't figure it out. 

BUT I still love my crazed reading updates that either sound like: "oh my goodness i love ___" or "BKFBNDBHKDS I'M CRYING" or "what is going on"

I'm constantly confused.


eight - commenting takes so much energy.. even tho i love doing it

I do love interacting, it's so fun to read other blogs and see other opinions but it drains me to infinity. I WANT to post a lengthy comment full of insight and deep Dumbledore-like wisdom but USUALLY I do not have it in me.

I apologize to you all for my extremely vague comments. All your posts are great. I just suck at saying it :')

nine - i have a big problem and the problem is called rereading

It's not just rereading a few months later. I REREAD AFTER I FINISH THE BOOK. I have severe attachment issues when it comes to books and tv shows and if I really love the thing I just keep watching/reading it until I literally get sick of it.


It's taking everything in me not to do that with the Shadowhunter books. help me.

ten - i skim read a lot more than i should

I KNOW ITS BAD. But I usually skip over sections that don't interest me. Ex: when couples that I don't ship make out, long and detailed descriptions of the country side, sappy pages.

So basically lots of the romantic stuff. But I TRY to read as much as I can bear, but sometimes I can't take it, I just don't want to read that section.

eleven - i don't think i will ever be able to read nonfiction

Reading non fiction feels like reading a textbook, therefore, I will always find it boring. I can read like articles and stuff, but not full length books on science and stuff. Not my thing.

I don't particularly enjoy biographies and things either, again, it all feels kind of boring. Characters > real people.

twelve - i always have to finish books

I NEVER DNF?? I always have to finish a book even if I hate it because I feel like maybe JUST MAYBE it'll have a redeeming quality.

Sadly. It almost never does. 

But I just don't DNF, it goes against my code, I feel like I have to finish in order to be able to have a say on the book as a whole.

me: *sitting in pain reading a bad book* i HAVE TO FINISH I HAVE TO FINISH

thirteen - i don't like to read blurbs

I AM SUCH A COVER JUDGER. Basically I need to know what the cover looks like, the genre, and maybe the general gist?? I don't like blurbs because they give away the initial twist, which makes me sad, because I like that tiny element of surprise that you see coming but you still like to be surprised.

I also find it tedious and unnecessary because basically pretty cover = LET ME READ YOU.

fourteen - i'm terrible at keeping up with book trends

I still haven't read half of the popular books of our time, and I don't know if at this point I'll be able to get to all of them. THIS GOES HAND IN HAND WITH MY DAMN REREADING HABIT. I get so behindddd.

I didn't read ANYTHING for 1 month after I finished Wolves of Mercy Falls because I was THAT upset.

I wasn't lying when I said I have issues. They are concerning.

What are your big book confessions? DELVE INTO YOUR MIND. Do you share any of my extremely strange probably unhealthy habits????

Also there is so much snow outside right now IT'S CRAZY.

peace out y'all,


  1. I do so many of these! I always have to finish books too, and it drives me insane.

  2. i do #1 too- i will literally be reading downstairs in the living room with my aunt and i will yell "WAIT WHAT HE DIED WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN ASDFGHJKL" and scare the crap out of my aunt xD
    -mckenzie :)

  3. You should take the quotes you've written down and make like, graphics with them. Like take really nice photographs and edit them and put the quotes on them to sprinkle into your review posts. Or even make phone screen/ wall paper edits!
    Kanra Khan

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  4. yES I relate so much!! Particularly with 9,10,11.. non-fiction I can *never* get in to.. I just find it so boring!! Skim-reading UGH I need to stop, but I legit can't. Some books it gets so bad that I don't realise something huge because I exactly skimmed it whoops (e.g a character dying, or a person actually being a dog..) And rereading.. not much I can say there, except I do it all the time and it's the reason I haven't got through many new books atm whoops

    Lexie x

  5. Skim reading has become such a problem for me too! Sometimes, I will skim read so much that it feels like I have missed out a chapter.

  6. Goodreads is so daunting, especially when interacting with really successful book bloggers and you're just in your seat thinking, "Um...." Also, nonfiction can be interesting-- it's just really hard to find books that are interesting. One of the books on my TBR pile that's nonfiction is about this real life book thief stealing some really valuable books, but no one really understood their motives as to why???

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs


    Just kidding. You thought you could get rid of me before leaving a 20 page comment? HAHAHA- no.

    1. I do this when I read really cute scenes and then I start squealing into my pillow and kicking my feet.

    2. DUDE. I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE UNTIL I STARTED READING CARRY ON AGAIN. You should see my goodreads updates... I've been updating it every page. o-o I CAn't heLP mySElf

    3. UMMM SAME. I recently started aesthetic boards for all my faves anD I AM OBSESSED.

    4. Remember when I commented on how I didn't like writing reviews? WELL PLOT TWIST. I love writing them for books that I enjoy. XD

    5. same

    6. UGH YES. THIS IS LITERALLY ME. It can be so tiring and makes me procrastinate over things that I want to do. *cries*

    8. I am literally burning 1039870237430812 calories writing this

    9. *has 99012740927409 books to read* *rereads the one I remember vividly*

    11. I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE! Honestly? Sure, I will read a nonfiction book. I have a few that I've really enjoyed. But I have to be really interested in the subject to want to read it.

    12. OMG I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW HOW PEOPLE CAN DNF??? LIKE, DUDE. IT MAKES ME FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. (There have been a few that I haven't finished but we won't talk about that.)


    I loved reading this. <3

    xx Kenzie |

  8. Ohhhh what a great post, I can relate to some of these for sure! I am a perfectionist as well and sometimes I drive myself crazy, too, I wish I could stop hahaha. I also never DNF, I would feel guilty and part of me is always convinced that the book will get better, and I started it anyway, so I might as well finish it? haha :)
    Great post! :) x


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