the pros and cons of ebooks : i ditch all my previous statements and give in to the ebook love

i like ebooks.

sue me. 

I've been reading All for the Game on Kindle on my phone for the past 3 days AND I LOVE READING ON MY PHONE?? 

I've said I hated ebooks for years and years now but I've done an about-face and now... they're my besties. ALL BOOKS ARE GREAT. EBOOKS ARE GREAT.

except for audio books i still can't bring myself to enjoy those...

SO, upon coming to this newfound conclusion about reading experiences, I decided to do a #analysis into ebooks vs like... paper and ink books. 

they're quite efficient

I've actually SPED through the series I'm reading right now and I owe it all to my phone.

I don't bring books with me to school since my backpack is heavy as is and I'm actually on the border of having a serious spine issue AND I CAN'T AFFORD A SERIOUS SPINE ISSUE. But with ebooks, I always have my book right there on my phone!!! genius. 

And you can carry like 100 books at once. BECAUSE THEYRE ALL ON YOUR PHONE. genius.

they're discreet

I like to kind of keep to myself and maintain a "there but not there" status when I'm not with my friends (#ambivert) and whipping out a 600 page book and propping it on my desk during study hall isn't exactly the best way to do that.

Also if I'm trying to read in a place where I probably shouldn't be reading.. it's easy. (I'M KIDDING. i pay attention during class. for the most part. shh)

sometimes they're cheaper

I got all three All for the Game books for a total of 2 dollars when in paper back they'd be 30 dollars. THE FIRST BOOK WAS FREE. UHM. WHAT???

I'm not a person with an infinite supply of money stashed in their room that I can just whip out and spend on books, so when I can save money, I like to. 

That being said, I usually get my books from the library, but sometimes when a) I really need to read a book or b) I'd really like to own a book, I buy them. And then I buy them as ebooks, because I save at least 2-3 dollars. 2-3 dollars I could be spending on iced tea.

they don't take up space

I don't have shelving units in my room BECAUSE it is too tiny so my room is overflowing with books and I barely have any space for more. 

SO EBOOKS. Like I said, I can buy 100 ebooks and fit them all in my tiny compact phone that takes up almost no space, it's great, I love it. 

i do enjoy owning books in hardcopy

Especially for books I really enjoyed?? I'll usually get a book for a library and if it's a 5 star or a 4 1/2 star I'll usually buy it in hard copy so I can SHOW IT OFF IN ALL OF IT'S GLORY.

Books like The Shadowhunter Chronicles and Harry Potter I want to be able to show off. AND BOOKS WITH NICE COVERS. 

it's difficult to write down quotes

I'm a quote junkie, and I usually log my favorite quotes on my phone... and I read ebooks on my phone. Kindle has a built in highlighting feature, but I do like to write them down in my notes just in case, because it can be transferred from device to device.

My quotes are sacred. 

i like the feel of a book

Books just feel... nice. Flipping the pages, holding the book (except when it's 755694367 pounds) BUT EVEN THEN. BOOKS THE NEW BOOK SMELL. You can't get that with an ebook. 

Plus at night when you're trying to wind down, I don't exactly think staring at my bright screen is going to help speed that process along.

AND I don't have to charge my book. Phones die. Books don't.

there's lots of places where you aren't supposed to have electronics

Planes, classes, etc, you sometimes can't use electronics, so your ebooks become useless.

Books cause no harm, and they're not... forbidden.. anywhere. (direct me to a place where books are forbidden and i shall burn it down.)

it's easier to get distracted

When reading ebooks, I do turn my notifications off so I don't get distracted. But I always do. I always stray to Instagram or Snapchat while reading and then I get sidetracked and IT'S NOT GOOD.

Books are books, they don't have other apps. IMAGINE IF THEY DID.

EBOOKS?? yes or no??  List some more pros and cons I missed! And bonus: how do you feel about... audiobooks? :0

have a good week everyone,


  1. Yes and No.

    Yes for read and chuck books that will be only used to study and you didn't love it.

    No for the awesome books from authors you love. Ebooks make them less money, so it means less new novels from them.

  2. I love ebooks for traveling and the prices, but nothing will beat a physical copy.

  3. I agree with the feel of book! It's so important. I also agree that eBooks are so much more cheaper, too-- they're really good, especially for those books whose physical copies are checked out. ^.^

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    P.S. Almost ready to send snail mail but first I got to see how much tea bags costs...?

  4. I love ebooks but I don't use my Kindle as much as I should because sometimes I forget that I have one �� But I am making it a goal to use mine more often because I can't really afford to buy physical books anymore and the fact that my Kindle's just sitting there unused kind of makes it a waste of money, oops.

    Oh, and audiobooks. I can't deal with audiobooks. My concentration just isn't good enough for them. And the only time I have used them are for classics where I can physically read it at the same time.

    louise ☆

  5. Between ebooks and real books, ebooks are definitely more handy if you want to just consume literature. But if you want to cherish it and celebrate it, then you're going to need a hard copy xD for me, I prefer ebooks! Mostly because I do not have the time nor the money to actually spend on reading real books :\
    Good post by the way!
    Kanra Khan

    twitter || instagram || facebook

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  7. Nice post! This is a very nice blog that I will definitively come back to more times this year! Thanks for informative post.

  8. I agree, I have some of the issues you mentioned with Ebooks as well. I usually annotate my books, so the fact that Ebooks don't really allow me to do it. (They do kind of, but it's not the same). Makes it so hard for me to stay focused and read them.


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