february, thank goodness you're here (january felt like a century)

Am I the only one who thought January was INSANELY LONG?!?

Like woah.. it's only the second month?? I SWEAR WE'VE HAD LIKE 6 MONTHS ALREADY

BUT FEBRUARY IS HERE AT LAST, and I have a wonderful feeling that it is going to be a great month. *knock on wood* LET'S GO

It's my best friend AND dad's birthday so I have lots of gifts to give.  AND I have my 
very first Science Olympiad competition on the 24th so I'm basically scared out of my mind because I KNOW that I'm going to screw it up. SIGH. 

Also the new semester started so it's time to go HARDCORE. or as hardcore as a freshman can go...

BUT AS FOR JANUARY I did a lot of drawing!!  Mostly traditional, because I feel like digital is so much work, but I'll get there eventually. It was also mostly fanart.. but hey what works works. 

the WIP!


AND my dad and I did a month of NOOOO sugar. Which was like HELL because I basically live and breathe sugar. I finally got used to it... in the last week -_- But I think it was worth it! My skin is so much brighter now, I feel like the SUN. not really but it works.

I also went to the second annual Women's March!! It wasn't AS great as last year (the sequel is never as good.. well almost never) but I still had tons of fun, especially when my friends came over and we all made signs <33

me feeling empowered after the march

As for TV SHOWS!!  I watched Friends 1 1/2 times and I forgot how funny it was and how much I adore Rachel and Joey (not together.. as separate characters....) and last night I started both Shadowhunters (acting is eh... story is yes) and One Day At A Time (slowly climbing up my list of FAVORITE SHOWS EVER.

two thousand and seventeen i bid you farewell - my bittersweet new year's post
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seven powers from marissa meyer's renegades that would be BEYOND amazing irl - trying to avoid writing a review, but i still yell about renegades
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lady midnight by cassandra clare / mark blackthorn is a gift sent from heaven - i actually write a review because how can i not yell about this book?

READING IS BACK. I read a ton in January which makes me soooo happy! I've been trying to make it a point to read 100 pages every single night before bed with a nice sweet cup of tea, and it is truly the best way to calm down and relax after a stressful day (which is every day.)

I'm two books ahead of schedule. LOOK AT ME GO!!


THE HATE YOU GIVE // angie thomas - reread, 5 stars, diverse as hell, one of my faves <3
RENEGADES // marissa meyer - 4 stars, not loving the romance, however am very excited for next book
I AM NOT YOUR PERFECT MEXICAN DAUGHTER // erika sánchez - 3.5 stars, mc is too angsty, story is nice
KINDRED SPIRITS // rainbow rowell - 5 stars, cuteness, star wars, nuff said
LADY MIDNIGHT // cassandra clare - 4.5 stars, new fave series, i just love the blackthorns (review)

tIS THE SEASON FOR REREADING. So. I recently read Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows 
and my love for Shadowhunters has been renewed.  sO I'm going to reread the books. WHY? Because I CAN. (also I've already read 3 books in February so this is my TBR as of TODAY)

and then i felt another urge to reread harry potter. because. why not?

CITY OF GLASS // cassandra clare
CLOCKWORK ANGEL // cassandra clare
CLOCKWORK PRINCE // cassandra clare
CLOCKWORK PRINCESS // cassandra clare
ideally I'd read all of the series' in a month.. but realistically, I am not a superhero.

How was your January? DID IT FEEL LIKE AGES???? What are you reading this month? How do you feel about rereading?

peace out y'all,


  1. everyone is saying january felt super long, but it seemed really short to me?? my mind still thinks it's 2016.

    your koi drawing is beautiful!! i'm amazed by your art.

    i hope you have a good month, noor! :)

    xo apollo

  2. ahh I'm the opposite - I felt like January went by super quick, and I can't believe we're already in the second month of 2018!! I reaaaallly need to read The Hate U Give asap ahah everyone has said how much they love it. Also, I started watching Friends (for the first time eek, I'm so behind) last week and I already am loving it too.

    Lexie x

  3. How was Janurary so slow??? It was way too fast for me— I hardly had time to process ANYTHING that happened. Still first time watching Friends, but I’m super close to finishing season one and am STOKED, honestly. Friends is good.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

  4. I also went to the women's march here and it was awesome but yeah not as great as last year. I absolutely love one day at a time! It's so good!

  5. I agree, January was THE LONGEST MONTH EVER, I'm just so happy it's over and hope that February will be better! <3
    YAY for watching Friends, it's my favorite show of all times,I love it so much <3
    I'm glad you enjoyed THUG, I loved this book so much <3 Can't wait to read Renegades :D
    Have a lovely month xx

  6. January definitely was the longest month. Good luck on your science exhibition! You're going to do great, don't worry about it! Also, yes, I've seen lots of art of koi around and I've been itching to try drawing it out myself as well! Unfortunately, I don't have plans of reading any books at the moment :(
    Kanra Khan

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