two thousand and seventeen, i bid you farewell

Yet another New Years post, are you surprised?

Another year gone and another year coming, time goes and goes and goes. It feels like I was just writing my 2016 Resolutions post and my 2015 Resolutions post.

These past few days I've really been thinking and reflecting on 2017, and thinking a lot how I want 2018 to go. Resolutions blah blah

But instead of talking about 2018, I wanted to talk about 2017 today. I have 365 days to think about, I want to dedicate one more day to the wake of 2017's death (heh).

Here's to another year! Thank you 2017!

2017 was neither bad nor good, but I feel like that's how every year should and will be. There will be bad times, but good times that will (hopefully) overpower them. Do your best to make more good times and move on from the bad. Moving on, prosperity and positivity, that is 2018. - journal entry from (way) early in the morning 1.1.18


jan 1 - I met some of my dearest internet friends and hung out with them for a few hours
jan 21 - Went to my local Women's March


feb 12 - Went to NYC with my Dad and saw Aladdin and practically drowned in all the cold cold rain
feb 19 - Went to the mall with 4 of my friends and got matching friendship bracelets 


mar 13 - Watching the gorgeous sunset in Bangladesh over the lake after going boating
mar 18 - Going to/making All State Orchestra with 6 of my friends
mar 22 - My thirteenth birthday!
mar 25 - My birthday sleepover in which I fell asleep at 10 and everyone else fell asleep at 3


apr 2 - Sitting outside, getting dressed, and having a picnic with myself
apr 14 - Hiding tiny figures in the woods with my friends
apr 20 - FINALLY getting Slytherin on the Pottermore Sorting Hat quiz


may 13 - Going to Target with my two best friends and buying the SOFTEST pillow EVER
may 17 - Getting back into art after a while of not drawing
may 21 - Writing a 7000 word fanfiction in my agenda because math is so boring


jun 2 - Going to a theme park for my 8th grade trip with all of my friends and having the best time
jun 12 - 8th grade graduation ceremony!
jun 16 - 8th grade graudation PARTY
jun 18 - Trying to study for finals with my friends at Barnes and Nobles but ending up playing hide and seek
jun 24 - Going to NYC on the last day of school and staying in a museum with my friends


jul 1 - Going back to NYC and staying there for a week with my cousins
jul 4 - Watching the fireworks over the Brooklyn Bridge
jul 5 - Visiting the Met and having the BEST ice cream EVER
jul 9 - Going to California with my cousins and staying for three weeks
jul 10 - Watching Spiderman Homecoming for the first time
jul 16 - Watching Spiderman Homecoming for the second time
jul 19 - Working with a few new friends at their mom's office and getting some $$$
jul 22 - Meeting the same internet friends again!
jul 23 - Going to see a live soccer game (Real Madrid vs Barcelona)
jul 29 - Visiting the Stanford campus (my dream school :'))


aug 7 - Watching Spiderman Homecoming for the third time
aug 13 - Watching Zendaya win a Teen Choice Award for Spiderman Homecoming
aug 19 - Going back to NYC for the weekend and going to the 9/11 Memorial 
aug 21 - Watching the Solar Eclipse with my dad
aug 26 - Swimming with my friends and making our own ice pops
aug 29 - Getting a FREE drink at Starbucks
aug 30 - Riding on a horse at my teammate's house during a soccer team dinner before our first game


sep 1 - Eid!!
sep 4 - Watching the sunsets on the last few days of summer
sep 6 - First day of high school!
sep 22 - Playing Manhunt with 10 of my friends
sep 23 - Decorating my shed with two of my friends
sep 30 - Rewatching Doctor Who heh


oct 6 - First football game !
oct 7 - Getting PUMPKINZ
oct 20 - ANOTHER football game !
oct 31 - Dressing up as a deer with my friend for Halloween


nov 3 - My friends and I went to bubble tea (we do that a lot this was just one of the better ones)
nov 10 - Going to Seneca Falls and then Syracuse Mall
nov 15 - Soccer banquet and we had some GOOD PASTA
nov 18 - Early Thanksgiving with two of my friends
nov 21 - On the day before Thanksgiving break, all my friends brought a food to lunch and we had like a potluck?? Twas fun
nov 30 - We went to Washington DC and went to tons of museums and ate amazing food


dec 9 - Going to my very first high school dance and dancing until our feet hurt :D
dec 16 - Making sugar cookies for the first time
dec 16 - Watching Star Wars with my dad
dec 17 - Having hibachi for my mom's birthday
dec 23 - Watching the Greatest Showman with my best friend
dec 28 - Watching Star Wars again
dec 31 - Having an amazing NYE party with my friends


OVERALL.. some months were less eventful than others, but JULY was definitely my favorite month of 2017. 

I learned a lot, I lived a lot, and I will continue to do that in the new year. For me, 2018 is going to be about productivity, and getting things DONE. 

Happy New Year everyone! I wish you an AMAZING and prosperous 2018 :D 

peace out y'all,

(resolutions / reading list post coming maybe soon possibly idk yet)


  1. Spider Man: Homecoming is awesome!

    Happy 2018!!! :D

    1. IT IS SO AWESOME :D I hope you have a lovely New Year <33

  2. I wish I went to my local Women’s March!!! I also miss eighth grade graduation— we never had a formal ceremony but we did have a carnival. XD Can’t wait for the resolutions post!!!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. A CARNIVAL. I WANT A CARNIVAL. I'd trade my lame graduation for a carnival anyday HAHA

  3. I'm glad I wasn't the only one to post about 2017 on the first day of 2018! Though your 2017 looks way better than mine. I can't believe you wrote an entire fanfic in math, hahaha. Definitely something I would've done too.

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. HAHAH i'm just so lazy that i put off a 2017 post to the last minute... the literal last minute :P

  4. Noor.. your new blog design asdfghjkl IT LOOKS AMAZING YOU ARE SO TALENTED GURL!! Sounds like you had a great 2017, and I hope you have the best twenty-eighteen <3 also.. free Starbucks..!!

    I haven't see Spiderman: Homecoming but idk I feel like you may like it ahah..!

    Lexie x

    p.s. we never chat anymore it's so sad

    1. thank you so much girlie!! and yes.. i miss you tons!! you should totally message me sometime :D

  5. Internet friends and bubble tea and new places! Your year sounds like it was great! Here is to another wonderful year! Wishing you only the best!
    Simply Me

    1. you too!! i truly hope you have an AMAZING SPECTACULAR 2018 :D you deserve it Vanessa!!


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