50 oddly specific OH MY GOODNESS YES bookworm moments

You know those moments.. as a reader.. where you just want to SCREAM with joy.

I LIVE FOR THOSE MOMENTS. If I could marry those moments, I would in a heartbeat. 

So here, to warm your heart, I compiled 50 of those moments into a wonderful beautiful list <33

(this is a continuation from my 50 oddly specifc OH MY GOODNESS NO bookworm moments post!)

1. Recommending a book to a friend and them coming back and loving it as much as you did.

2. Finding THAT ONE character in a book/series who makes you SO incredibly happy.

3. Reading a long strain of 4-5 star books.

4. GETTING A SIGNED BOOK. It is truly amazing.

5. Finding the perfect time to read with your blanket + tea or whatever it may be.

6. The deep sigh after closing a FANTABULOUS book that left you so so satisfied.

7. 'Hey, do you have any book recommendations for me?'

8. Seeing a gorgeous cover that makes you feel at one with its beauty.

9. When you're about to drop your drink on your book, bUT YOU SAVE THE DRINK.

10. Getting to now: drink the still full drink, and read the still intact book.

11. Writing a book review and getting so hyped up about this amazing book that YOU'RE GONNA EXPLODE.

12. The moment after you reorganize your books and you're just like 'I AM AN ARTIST'

13. Reading a phenomenal quote and scrambling for your pencil or phone: I HAVE TO WRITE THIS DOWN

14. Rereading and realizing all the perfectly genius things the author has put in the book that you didn't notice before.

15. When a book has a different and intriguing formatting.. I LOVE THAT STUFF

16. Realizing how lucky you are to just.. enjoy reading.. because people who don't like reading are missing out.

17. When you've been waiting for a book to come out.. for.. forever, and the release day finally arrives.

18. Having all of the books of the series in the same size/cover type.


20. Being on the first chapter of a book and already knowing it's going to be majestic.

21. Getting a gift card to a bookstore as a gift??? YOU'RE GIVING ME THE TOOLS TO READ MORE. thank u

22. When you're reading a book and realizing that you're probably going to be adding this to your favorite book list.

23. Hating a book in the beginning and you either a) reread or b) keep reading and realize that you actually love it and asking yourself 'what is wrong w me this is amazing'

24. When covers or pages are just so... nicely detailed.

25. REALLY REALLY needing to read a book, and going to the library or bookstore and finding the VERY LAST COPY. this is a sign.

26. Finding the perfect place to fit your book on the shelf.

27. Just actually finding shelf room in general.

28. LOSING YOURSELF IN THE BOOK. Is there actually anything better than that.. the answer is no.

29. Finding a book with a beautiful cover AND a beautiful story. (why is this sadly uncommon)

30. Crying while reading, but of joy. Like, when something good happens or the author wrote SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PASSAGE.

31. Reading by candlelight. i am an old person. but i love it. 

32. Watching your growing TBR, and enjoying it, because it means that you'll never run out of things to read. 

33. Loving both ebooks and hardcopies because it gives you OPTIONS. 

34. Libraries. JUST EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM. The smell, the atmosphere. sigh.

35. Getting that PERFECT book photo that captures the book in all of its magnificent glory.
36. Learning a new lovely word from a book. DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE

37. Piling yourself up with blankets and grabbing your favorite snack.. and just.. reading.

38. Being in a room with a friend and both of you are reading different things, and you're just enjoying each other's beautiful reading blissful silence. 

39. When an author takes the time to describe a character or a setting and it's just... so beautiful, that it leaves you in shock.

40. Reading while it's raining?? Rain is so nice, and soft. ah. 

41. Rereading a book that you haven't read in years, and remembering why you loved it so much.

42. When said book is from your childhood. 

43. When a book makes you genuinely laugh, and everyone thinks you're crazy, bUT ITS OK

44. Just beautiful quotes in general.

45. Especially the poetic dialogue that feels like something straight out of a motivational Pinterest board. 

46. Finding someone who has read a book that like.. no one else has read.. and being able to talk about it with them.

47. BOOK MAIL. It's one of the many reasons why I LOVE ordering online.

48. Discovering a new author... especially a new FAVORITE author.

49. Going to the library/bookstore and coming back with a MASSIVE stack of books that you are beyond excited to read.

50. books

What are some bookworm things that make you go OH MY GOODNESS YES??WHAT DID I MISS??? Do you love beautiful quotes or funny quotes? OR BOTH? 

alsooo my birthday was thursday so I AM OFFICIALLY 14. woo ++ spring break is Friday, I AM PUMPED.

have a great week everyone!


  1. First this post was so freaking good second happy birthday!

  2. Okay but I feel like the last one pretTY MUCH SUMS EVERYTHING UP BECAUSE *YES*. I've been feeling a lot of these emotions lately and I just... *sobs softly* Love it.

    I kinda want to go hug all my books after reading this. Is that even normal? Idk. I just love books so much like wow.

    Also; HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOOR!!!!! <333 I HOPE YOU HAD A LOVELY DAY FILLED WITH EPIC SHADOWHUNTER ADVENTURES. Season 3 is back and I can't stop staring at Alec's gorgeous face.

    xx Kenzie |

  3. R E L A T A B L E

    alsoooo happy birthdayyyyyy <33 hope it was fab

    - suzy ☽ galactic daydreams

  4. Mine isn't on the list! That moment when you smell a new book and its smells so good/different from any other book you've smelled before. I love that moment.

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

  5. This was actually so relatable, especially the whole thing about losing yourself while reading a book!! It's so frustrating though when you're lost in your book and then someone interrupts you :(

    Maia xx

  6. 14 is one of my favorites. I love rereading a book I loved before and just getting so incredibly excited about what I know is about to happen and then losing myself again into the book. I love noticing the little details and things that I didn't before and just how intricately pieced together everything is. Awesome post!

  7. This post is so pure. Lovely post and I related to many of those moments.

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  11. Goodness, yes to all of those things! 😊 For me, another one is when a book/story is so well written that I think of it for a TV show or movie. I've found myself sometimes thinking after a long day, "I can't wait to continue watching that tonight! Which show was it again...?" And then I realize that I haven't actually been watching anything, but experiencing a truly amazing book. ❤️ Does anyone else every have that?


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