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Hello everyone! Music is a huge part of my life, it's how I display my emotions and it's what I do what I have nothing to do, in fact it influences a lot of my writing in my novels and blog posts :D But the sad thing is, I never talk about it on the blog ?? WHA. that ends now dude.

Thanks to my rad friends and the internet I've come across some Kool Tunes, my current favorite being the album American Teen by the amazing singer Khalid <3 The songs are really mellow and v nice to listen to while reading or writing, so nothin hardcore that your brain focuses too hard on. (if that makes any sense lol)

so without further ado.. here's my opinion on all the songs in this album!

even the cover is a e s t h e t i c 

Track 1 - American Teen - This song just gives me good vibes tbh. The beat is nice and peppy, like I can totally have a let-loose-dance-party to this song man. It addresses the "recklessness" (in a good way) of teens.. in a patriotic way? 

And we don't always say what we mean, it's the lie of an American teen. My youth is the foundation of me.

Track 2 - Young, Dumb and Broke - Also v mellow, but not as peppy, more soft. It's definitely a love song, possibly he's trying to convince his love interest that they should get back together because they're young and they should get more chances. EITHER WAY IT'S A GOOD SONG K

Yeah, we're just young dumb and broke, but we still got love to give.

Track 3 - Location - HANDS DOWN THE BEST SONG ON THIS ALBUM. it's. so. catchy. When this song comes on I CANNOT HELP BUT DANCE. it's so good, if you don't want to listen to the entire album, just listen to this song. the beat is too good. toooooooo goooooddddd.

Track 4 - Another Sad Love Song - this song is extremely sad, but also powerful. It feels, in a way, like a saga as if this song comes after Track 2. It's the aftermath because this girl dumped him, didn't listen to him, and broke his heart. The beat actually feels like it should give good vibes, but you have to really listen to the lyrics to know the TRUTH. (weird wording) whatevs it's a good song. 

They'd think we're perfect if they'd ever seen us, but I guess this sounds like another sad love song. I can't get over how it all went wrong.

Track 5 - Saved - this song reminds me of a driving song, like something I'd definitely listen to on a road trip. The chorus is insanely catchy though. Some parts of this song really outline Khalid's singing talents, he has quite a lovely voice. I also feel like this song could somewhat apply to a broken friendship, not just a love relationship.

I hope you think of all the times we shared. I hope you'll finally realize I was the only one who cared.

Track 6 - Coaster - a lot of these songs are terribly sad breakup songs lol. This song is kind of different, it's a mainly piano beat with a lil bit of percussion, either way it's a good breakup song :(

Track 7 - 8TEEN - THIS SONG ALSO HAS A REALLY GREAT BEAT. I feel like it's kind of sarcastic.. sort of making fun of teens in 2017, complaining about their problems that aren't that bad? that makes no sense noor. 

Because I'm eighteen, and I still live with my parents. Yeah they're not like yours. Well yours are more understanding.

Track 8 - Let's Go - another one of those YES YOUTH COOL !!! songs. It's just telling teens to "let go" and go with the flow bro. perfect for my dance party. 

Leave your sorrow on the table, pick up your worries and throw them out the window.

Track 9 - Hopeless - sad, nice beat, sounds like it should be a happier song, but it's not.. sensing a theme. still love it. Adding it to the dance party. 

I'm going to go ahead and stop here because all my song reviews are gonna sound the same plus this post would be SUPER LONG. no one wants to read that. 


Thanks for reading,


  1. I have never listened to like any of these songs but they sound really good. This post was really cool! You should do more posts like this. :)

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  2. I've never heard of Khalid, but I'll give a go at his songs!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

  3. I've never heard of Khalid, but his album sounds really good! I'll have to try it out!

  4. OMG YES KHALID !!!!!!!!! i thought i was the only one who listened to him !!!!
    see we need to be friends okay mate

  5. I love this album so much that i downloaded it off of spotify. It gets me and my life so much!!

  6. Oooh, I'm listening to Location now, It does have a nice beat.
    x TG

  7. My friend told me about this album and I LOVE it! My favourite songs are
    Saved and Location :)

    abi |


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