why do you want to become a writer?

why do you want to become a writer?

voices are meant to be heard. mine cannot be kept in its place forever. the small jewelry box in which i keep all my greatest possessions will soon fail me if my dream is failing me too. i am meant to be heard.

education. take the young blissful minds of the masses and create wonderful dreams and stories that they will forever keep in their hearts. that the garden of their soul will always hold the flower that was me, my writing, my thoughts, my soul. 

to keep myself peaceful. everything i have ever thought combined into 100,000 words or more sounds like a magnificent thing to accomplish. i keep myself sane, i write. i type. i listen to my fingers against the keyboard and i close my eyes and open them again and realize i have made about 100 typos but it doesn't matter because the flow is there and the peace is there and it is reverberating in my head.

escape from reality, to find a swimming pool, a pond, a lake, an ocean of words that are mine, all mine. the people, all mine. the necklace, bracelet, chain of words all strung together, just the way i want them, the way i want them. 

because, why not?


HEY HEY HEY. miss me? (to be read in a sassyyy voice)

I'M ON SPRING BREAK!! confetti! partay! cream soda! (random, but I <333 CREAM SODA DUDES) 

i love writing!! can't wait for NExT Camp NaNoWrimo when I actually have a story lol

why do you lurvvv to write? let me know!!

Thanks for reading,


  1. This is so pretty! I love to write because it is a way that I can express what I believe in and just be free. :)

    1. ahhh same, i find freedom in writing :D thank you Nabila <33

  2. This is beautiful, Noor! I write to express myself, and also just because it's so wonderful to be able to create things :-)

    1. ahhh thanks so much for your lovely lovely comments <33 creation is a gift in my opinion!

  3. gahhhhh LOVE THIS. 100% perfection nooorrr <3 happy spring break!


    Anne //

  4. This is lovely Noor!
    I write because I like to create another place, and think all of the thoughts in my head and turn them into a story. :)


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