find the good in all things

Hello everyone! The title of this post is my new philosophy on life, because isn't that what you're supposed to do as a teenager? Find yourself? Obviously. So that's what I've been doing, looking through everything, and wondering how I can change my perspective on it. How poetic. *says dramatically*

Beauty comes in many forms, that's something we hear regularly. However, things often occur that make us not want to believe that this is true. That we instead turn to finding the ugliness of everything, erasing the beauty and pretending it's not there.

Trying not to find it.

In most situations, beauty needs to be found, it's almost never just there. And when we think it's just there, it's the plain beauty, but not the deeper truth. It's the beauty that everyone sees, the one that you see, but it's not your beauty.

It's obvious that some people may find different things beautiful, but I've found that people can also find the same thing beautiful in different ways. One may enjoy the simplicity of something. Another may find the vibrant colors stunning. Whatever it may be, if the subject makes you smile, or gives you some sort of elated feeling, you should keep that subject close to your heart.

Beauty is what makes the world flourish. I'm not talking about the materialistic beauty that is what they try to teach us in the magazines, just the normal beauty that you find in the world. Over the years, the meaning of beauty has been distorted, and it's partially the magazines' fault. People are thinking that "worrying" about beauty is bad, basically implying that beauty = a human being's appearance, which is not always true.

It appears that I'm somewhat getting off track of my point, which I don't think I've actually stated.. oops. I just want you to live finding beauty in the simplest things you encounter. Take a couple minutes and find something and give it a story, give it something that pleases you. Something that will make you cross that object and smile whenever you see it. Give it beauty, or rather find its beauty. Most things have beauty, it just takes a person to find it for themselves.

And don't get the idea that I'm trying to be overly poetic. (although we're reading Shakespeare in English so you can't really blame me lol) Optimism, in my opinion, is quite important to live a happy life. Which is, again, fairly obvious I suppose. You wouldn't want to go around finding the terrible things about everything, it would just ruin your mood.

So today, or tomorrow (time zones are mean), go find the beauty in a random object. Do it. And smile. And tell me what it was, and maybe what story you gave it that made you happy. I'm giving you homework, yes. Fight me. No, don't actually fight me I'm a small child who likes pretty things :D

Yeah yeah I'll stop being so s t r a n g e soon. I MUST EDUCATE THE MASSES. no this is literally nothing like that noor shut up. OK BYE

Thanks for reading - it took me 4 times to type reading right. ITS ONLY 5 PM,


  1. Noor, this is really beautiful! Thank you for this, what you're writing about here is very important!

  2. You always write inspiring posts! x TG

  3. I have also been trying to find the good in everything recently. I have mostly been doing this with school. There are some classes taht I don't like that much but I have been telling myself the good things about it instead of the bad which has really helped my attitude toward school overall. Awesome post!

  4. This is an incredible post. We're so blind to all the beauty around us. Sometimes we just need to look closer & longer. Thanks for reminding me to do this. :)

  5. This is a wonderful and inspirational post!

    xx Bubbles


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