five celebrities you should most definitely worship

Hello everyone! Chances are, you're a fan of something. Whether it's a book series, or a tv show, or a food item (uh cookie dough fandom for the win.). And as a result, you've found yourself worshipping loving  liking worshipping a human being from that particular something (maybe not the food unless you're into the chef fandom or something idk you do you boo boo). This has happened to me, of course you'd know that if you knew me.. at all. So I've compiled a list, again if you know me you know that lists are my way of self expression, of celebrities/people who you should consider adding to your worship list.

one . tom felton

Tom Felton will always be #1 in my heart for so many reasons. One, he captured Draco's role so magnificently that I mean, how can you not love him? And after the movies ended, he never stopped being Draco. He is incredibly friendly with fans, and often speaks about his role and jokes about it, so, again, how can you not love him?


anotha one

two . eddie redmayne

I PROMISE THEY'RE NOT ALL IN HARRY POTTER MOVIES. i promise. ahem. Eddie Redmayne could single handedly take over the world with his sheer adorableness. i just. need a moment. *cries hysterically* and his acting is so good. When I found out he was playing Newt, I held my heart in shock. Not literally of course BUT IT FELT LIKE IT. 

the greatest

three . lin manuel miranda

this should be self explanatory. Not only is he the creator of a PHENOMENAL musical and soundtrack but he is one of the funniest people ever. If you go on his Twitter you will laugh yo booty off. He's down to earth and not problematic whatsoever. Heck, you don't even have to like Hamilton to worship him. Just worship him anyway. worship them all. cough.

uhm me

four . gina rodriguez

Not sure if you guys this show, but Gina is the star on CW's Jane the Virgin! Not only is Gina an amazing actress, but she's an activist as well and tries to educate people on the matters of our world through social media and things like that. She helps young girls feel comfortable in their skin and inspires them to go for their dreams. In addition she's hilarious, has impeccable style, and is freaking adorable. 

her w justin baldoni who is also a favorite <3


five . lilly singh

Lilly doesn't like to be called a celebrity but IN MY EYES SHES A STAR. gosh where do i start. She's a Youtuber, who makes videos that make people laugh and also videos that inspire people. She is ALSO SO FREAKING FUNNY, her style is FLAWLESS, her hair is MY DREAM, and she is incredibly modest and a lovely person. I myself got to meet her a couple years ago at Playlist Live and she was such a sweet person and that memory inspires me every day. MY LOVE. 

probably my favorite quote from her videos


that is all!! I hope you guys enjoyed and you choose to begin.. worshipping.. these wonderful amazing lovely shining people, you won't regret it. *slowly backs away into dark alley*

let me know which celebrities you worship, don't be shy! I'll check em out!

Thanks for reading,


  1. ahh, eddie, lin, and lilly are just precious! they're such big favorites of mine. <3
    some of my personal faves are luke evans (who is just pure adorableness), martin freeman, misha collins (THE BEST), ezra miller, hannah snowdon, and viola davis. ^-^
    xx a || not gary cooper

  2. I love all of these people!
    Lily is just amazing, I recently read her new book!

  3. Hey Noor! Sorry I don't know any of these celebrities :(
    Will check 'em out!

  4. YOU GOT TO MEET LILLY!! No fair. I seriously love superwoman and the rest of this list. I am not even sure is lin manuel miranda could even get more amazing. Also Eddie Redmayne was so good In Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. He did the role perfectly. Wonderful post. :)

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  5. Your blog gives me good vibes. Thank you for that. <3

    xx Mackenzie

  6. I love Tom Felton and Emma Watson (who wasn't on here but should be)!!! Ze are my absolute favorite!!!
    -Dani Jones


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