A Day in My Life

Hello everyone! I've always wanted to do a lifestyle like post so here you go! I went out to town and had some fun so I decided to do a Day in My Life! Um, here you go!

9:00 AM

So, I went to my audition which I'm pretty sure I bombed, ahah. But anyways, then we went to Starbucks per my mother's request. I got a decaf Chestnut Praline Latte which was absolutely delicious and I loved it.

10:00 AM

So now I'm just laying on the couch, being lazy. Binge watching itsjudyslife vlogs as usual :P

1:30 PM

My mom volunteered to take me out so we decided to go out in the town to my favorite plaza! First, we visited Bath and Body Works, because, favorite.

Oh no, crappy iPhone photos return. I thought the displays they had were so nice :D

This was so cute, probably one of my favorites. These candles were so simple yet cute :P

A Thousand Wishes is one of my favorite scents though, it's so warm and nice :)

I really love how B&BW is doing like a city-themed line. They're doing NYC, Paris, London, etc. It's cool how they matched up scents with cities, I really like that. 

And from Bath and Body Works, I bought 5 hand sanitizers (Merry Berry Christmas, Santatizer, Candy Cane Bliss, Pink Prancer, Frosted Cranberry) and a fragrance mist (Jingle All The Way)

1:45 PM

We ended up going to Michaels after that, which is a craft store. I sadly didn't get any pictures because they were all blurry. 

They had this adorable white fake plant display that was really gorgeous! I also loved all their Christmas themed stuff. 

Because everyone takes a picture of their drink and shopping bag, duh

2:00 PM

And then I went home, and did the other stuff...

First, I cleaned my room, which looks fantastic right now. And then I wrote up some new blog posts, whoop! ANNNDD binge watched Doctor Who again for the 3rd time. I feel like I say that every day.

5:00 PM

(yes I was unproductive for 3 hours) But, my dad got up and told me he wanted to go get groceries, so off we went. 

Yummy sushi, ahha. I love the cool display, I don't know xD

Casually walking through the store, lowkey trying to take pictures. 

This was an adorable bubble bath that I saw, so naturally, I had to pick it up.

There was a gorgeous display for plates and such so I had to take a (low quality) picture, of course.

6:30 PM

We went on back home and then I had dinner, some sushi and decided to take a bath! I used the bubble bath I bought, it smelled great and worked great!

I don't know why some pictures are smaller, sorry :/

It was not anything like how Zoella's bath was, sadly.

7:30 PM

Now I am sitting watching YouTube and chilling, because that's the best thing to do.

10:30 PM (now)

Time to sleep all! Goodnight blog, sweet dreams :)

Ahh warm bed. Wait, I still have to write the post. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Note: this is not how my life normally goes. It's usually the time between 10 AM to 1 PM and 7:30-10:30, procrastination xD

I'm pooped, so I'm off to bed, finally. Goodnight guys, or good morning, you know what, how about good day? That's better. 

Thanks for reading,


  1. Ooh yay, your day seemed so exciting! Lots of shopping, haha XD
    Your really good at these, you should do one next year!

    1. Thank you Elsa! It was very fun to do, I think I will do more :D

  2. I think those photos are pretty decent, quality wise. And the store decorations look fantastic.

    1. Phew, thank you Catalina! And aren't they? B&BW always seems to go all out!

  3. During black friday, I visited bath and body works, and I didn't think jingle all the way smelled all too great. I did like the twisted peppermint one though.

    1. Hmm, everyone seems to have different nose tastes because my one friend loved it and my other friend didn't xD I love Twisted Peppermint, I have it in like everything :P

    2. Yeah, I bought twisted peppermint lotion + perfume. And I had a super good hand sanitizer, pretty in pink, it smelled like cupcakes. and a blue case. But my baby brother got his hands on the sanitizer and finished the whole thing! (it was full, he is 3)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Nabila, and thank you for the comment :)

  5. I love BBW!
    (A thousand wishes is my perfume. I would use it every time I went to my room but my sister wouldn't appreciate that;)

    Personally, I could spend hours in Michael's. I love their craft supplies.

    You don't always take pictures in grocery stores? (Just kidding. But not really as I dance and turn and stuff down aisles anyway)


    1. Ahh I love A Thousand Wishes XD

      And same, Michaels is like heaven.

      I do the same when no one's in the aisle, sometimes I'll like slide down or something xD

  6. This is such a lovely post! What was your audition for? I'm sure you did great! ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Thank you so much Amy! I auditioned for all county orchestra on the violin :)

  7. Love this post! I adore B&BW. I get all my hand soaps from there!

  8. Hey Noor, do ya wanna guest post on my blog? If so send me an email (at '') with the subject 'The Dani Jones Blog- Guest Post'. Please do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. By bombed, do you mean passed, or lost?

    1. Oh, and I hate cleaning my room.

  10. Very creative post, dear!
    I truly enjoyed reading it and seeing the photos <3


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