Lexie's Entry

Hello everyone! Today I am featuring Lexie's entry for my writing contest! Let's get right to it!

Lexie's Blog

Lexie blogs at What Lexie Loves and she posts mainly book reviews. She also has a bunch of series' such as It's Finally Friday! I love her blog and she is one of my great blogging friends. Check out her blog at the link above.

Lexie's Entry

Honestly, Lexie's entry made me laugh and I really loved it.

Dear Noor,

I am writing to tell you why I should be the winner of your writing contest
I love writing and am really passionate about it, it's my favourite lesson and I especially love writing letters.
If you haven't seen this on my blog, I have written to HM The Queen and HRH The Duchess of Cambridge and received two positive letters from their lady-in-waitings. 
One even sent me a photo of Kate, William and George in reply to 'the lovely letter'.
This must mean I am amazing at writing letters and those are the reasons why I should win your competiton.
With all best wishes (and hope),
Lexie, What Lexie Loves
Thank you Lexie for sending in this amazing entry. You can grab this winner's picture for your blog if you would like:
Just to recap, Lexie wins: A free pass for a guest post, this feature, and her blog linked at the end of my posts!
Remember, tell me if you would like a contest for the 10,000 pageviews!
Thanks for reading,


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