12 Days Of Holiday Fun: Day 2 (Gift Guide PART 1) AND GIVEAWAY!!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Day 2 of the 12 Days Of Holiday Fun! Today's post is Part 1 of the Holiday Gift Guide. I am going to be doing 3 of these throughout the 12 days! Today's version is teachers/bosses. LOOK DOWN BELOW FOR GIVEAWAY INFORMATION

Candles are great gifts because most people love them and they are very cheap! Also, they make your house smell real good.


Like the candle, anyone can use soaps and lotions. Plus you can never have enough. You can get these for male teachers and female teachers.

I don't know about you, but my teachers loveeee their mugs. You could buy a plain mug and decorate it with Sharpie, and personalize it for your teacher!


Teachers love books! My reccomendation is that you think about what kind of teacher you are buying for before you buy the book.

Sorry for such a short post, I have a hugeeeee announcement! I am hosting a giveaway for 10,000 followers! Information below:

The Prize: A Holiday Gift Basket filled with:
-A secret book, fuzzy socks, a secret item, a lip balm, and a handmade card.
Give me your name/nickname, ask parents permission and boom! If you do any of the optional ones, link your blog/Pinterest.

Tell me your favorite part of the holidays (MANDITORY)

Talk about giveaway on your blog (+5)

Pin about this giveaway on Pinterest (+3)

Follow my blog (+4)

Comment what you want to see on the blog. (+2)

I only ship to US, Canada, and UK

PLEASE be willing to give me your address, just in case you win. I will never tell anyone where you live, it is your private information.

Giveaway ends January 10, 2015
Goodluck everyone! Winner announced as soon as Jan 10. I hope you enjoyed today's post and enter down below! I'll link this post at the end of all my posts so you can enter. Pics will be uploaded on Tuesday! ENTER IF YOU CAN!!

Thanks for reading,



  1. Hi Noor! I am going to enter your contest. So...
    My name is Amelia Grace (as you probably know) and my favorite part about the holidays is all of the festive decorations and music!
    I follow your blog.
    I want to see more crafts on your blog.
    Amelia Grace :)

  2. Just wanted to ask you. Are you going to put all the people with the highest score in a hat or put all the entries in a hat in which case it doesn't matter whether we do the extra things or not. Am I less likely to win because I just won a contest!

    My advice is put all the entries in the hat but say they complete all 14 points they get 14 entries whereas if you only complete 5 points then you get 5 entries in the hat.

    - Lexie

  3. Hey Noor,
    I'm sorry. I can't enter because my parents are not ready for giveaways with me. I hope someone wins!

  4. My name is Emily.
    My favourite part of the holidays is not being at school for 2 weeks and the snow.
    I will talk about the giveaway on my blog in tomorrow's post.
    I am not on pinterest because I am not old enough
    On your blog I would like to see more tags.

    I don't have a Blogger account but I follow your blog on bloglovin

    1. If you have seen I have done a blog post about it.

  5. Hello, I'm Nicole Rose. :) My favorite part about the holidays would have to be the snow. I love having snowball fights with my family (plus when you're done, you can go inside and guzzle down some tasty hot chocolate). ;)
    I am a new follower of your blog.

    Keep up the good work. <3

    xx Nicole Rose

  6. Great gift ideas! I can't wait till Christmas ♥

    Daisy ○ LittleKawaiiDaisy

  7. I'm following and I'd like to enter! I'm Sophia...thanks!


  8. Also, My favorite part of the holidays is spending time with family and remembering Jesus' birth! Thanks!


  9. Sorry, I don't have my parent's permission but I would love to do it. Fuzzy socks are the best!!!!!!

  10. Ok, my name is Lauryn and my favorite part of the holidays is opening gifts and seeing family. I will be doing a post about this and pin it on Pinterest. I already follow your blog. I want to see you post top 10 in your opinion. Like your top 10 songs or books.

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