2015 Resolutions

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! Well, almost. But since it is my last post of 2014, I'm gonna say it anyway. Today I am telling you about my resolutions for 2015 and I am doing a roundup of my best posts of 2015. First, the resolutions.

Put effort into my soccer and instruments. Soccer and music are big parts of my life and I really want to get good at them. I really need to practice more and put all my effort and do my best. 

Put time into blog and posting. My blog means a lot to me and I care about my blog so I want to put time and effort into all of my posts

Do more things. I feel like I am too bored all the time and that I just sit around and do nothing so I would like to try to do more things. 

Stay optimistic. Right now, I have been very negative and that makes me upset and depressed. In 2015, I want to be optimistic and try to make the best out of bad things. 

Keep up the good grades. My main goal is to get into Harvard and I can't do that if I don't get good grades in school.

Stay Healthy. I am really skinny and I don't eat very much so I want to try to exercise and eat more foods.

Now for the post roundup, by month.

February: Fun Day By The River
March: Saturday Boy Book Review
April: Crazy Cooking Tag: My Post
May: Sunday Showcase
June: 5 Blogging Tips
July: Strawberry and Grape Smoothie
August: DIY Locker D├ęcor
September: 6th Grade Adventure
October: The Average Tween
November: My Room
December: Gift Guide and Giveaway

That's 2014 everyone! There is still time to enter the giveaway so click on the last post to enter! Thanks for an amazing 2014, you guys are great!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Nice post! I'm actually in the middle of writing my own post like that!

    - Lexie | What Lexie Loves

  2. Happy new year Noor. This year was one of the best. I started a blog and I got to meet so many cool people, including you. I'm so excited for 2015 and I hope you achieve your resolutions.

    1. Thanks Steela! I'm glad you had a great year!

  3. Cheers to the new year! I just followed you on instagram, keep being you!

  4. Happy New year! Check out the new post on my blog.
    Emily ♥//

  5. Nice, Noor! I've played soccer; well, only recreationally at the YMCA for one summer, but it is still quite fun. Wow, a lot of your goals are parallel to mine... I want to get into Harvard (or Yale, or whatever Ivy League school has a great program for whatever I'll be majoring in in several years; I am that old) and be more positive and stay healthy, too!

    And as for doing more things and blogging: one, never say no to any open opportunities you have. That's the reason why last year was amazing for me. I never said no, and guess what? The risks totally paid off. I've changed so much and gained much more confidence as a person. And as for blogging: try to have a blog planning calendar or journal. What you do is you can list out when and what you will be posting, and also schedule some posts. Try to leave air space too, just in case you write a post of some recent event or thought you had.

    Happy New Year!
    xoxo Morning

    1. That's great! Thanks for the tips, they helped me so much.


  6. sending wishes for a fun and successful 2015!!

  7. Good resolutions, Noor. The best one is "Stay Healthy". So enjoy eating lot of yummy stuff.

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