App Review: Evernote

Hello everyone! Today I am going to do a break from the holidays. On Monday, I am going to start doing New Years DIY's and fun stuff. But today I am going to be reviewing an app called Evernote which is a great app and I love it!

The Basics
Evernote is a place where you can keep track of a bunch of different stuff: like lists, ideas, links, and much much more!

I Use It For....
I use Evernote for keeping track of my shopping lists, or things I might need for an upcoming craft. Sometimes I will also keep my blog post ideas in one note. One of the main things I use it for linking to posts and stuff I like. If I see a cool pic on Pinterest, I might add the link to a note so I can check it out later.

My Personal Opinion
If you are a person who is disorganized, get this. If you are a blogger, get this. If you are a person who has a bajillion pieces of paper filled with ideas and stuff you like, get this. Evernote is probably one of my most favorite apps/websites ever. GET IT. NOW.

The only problem is, it takes up a lot of space on your device. On my phone, Evernote takes up 1.3 GB.

How You Can Get This
It is available on the App Store for iPad, iPhone, and iPad. It is also a website which you can find here.

OFFICIAL RATING: 4 999.9/1000

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  1. I will download it soon

  2. Nice blog sweetie! Would you like to follow on GFC and Instagram? I'm waiting for you on my blog.Happy New Year 2015.

  3. I will have to check this out. Thank you Noor for the review!

  4. Thank you for this. I need something like that. Also, you may want to say in this post that it is also available on the Google Play Store for Android. I'm unsure about the Amazon App Store though-but I am an Android user. Thank you! :)

    Sophia.xo ;)


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